Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fourth of July 2017

Fourth of July is always one of our favorite holidays thanks to sweet traditions in the neighborhood and a fantastic fireworks show at the club in the evening.
This year, we started the festivities one night early thanks to Rick's new firm's uptown office perch that overlooks a downtown Dallas display.  (Next time, we'll bring some sunglasses for the kids!)
The Hull and Jordan kids had a ball with a BBQ and games beforehand...maybe too much fun for this brand new set of colleagues... haha
Front row seats.
The Jordan family has officially outgrown the go-cart for our parade appearances.  Grace sweet-talked herself into wedging between the two seats, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Jordan will be sure to upgrade to a new vehicle before any 2018 Easter or 4th of July parade obligations.  There is no more room in our yellow inn.
 Rick said that kids yelled, "Hi Palmer" and "Hi Grace" during the entire route and I loved getting different route angles sent to me during the parade from various friends.
We stopped by a few watch parties afterwards, but the kids couldn't resist stripping down to their swimsuits for the annual Theriot party.

 (Throw-back to that same spot with those same kiddos in 2015.)
Back to this year...
We ended the day with a visit to the club for swimming and more BBQ and fireworks.  Cousin Elle and family joined us and we barely saw the older kids until the sun went down.  They swam their hearts out and Grace entertained with flips off of the diving board.
Happy Fourth, America.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summering So Hard

What a fun first month of summer we have had... Between swimming and summer camps, we have hit the pavement hard every single day.  
There have been tired kids and parents hitting the beds hard at night.
Although I do admit that we've been slightly over-scheduled, this family just does better with a lot going on and there are so many tempting summer activities in which to partake in the city.
We've started every morning for the last 6 weeks with swim team.
I love the morning routine and exercise, even if I spend the practices and meets keeping little miss OUT of the pool.  I look forward to her being able to join in the pool one year while I put my feet up with a morning coffee and book!
Palmer has improved greatly for his second season and especially loves the dive in for a race.  His coach, Sarah is so sweet and patient with him- we are so fortunate to get such great daily instruction.
Grace loves to cheer on her brother...
Palmer did a week of golf and tennis camp and especially loved golf this year.  Of course, Rick got pretty excited about that news and talked me into a consecutive week of camp where only golf was the focus.  Although I roll my eyes with a smile at my husband, it is fun to hear that Palmer is now getting the ball over the water hazards on the course.
Elle spent the night one evening, so we fully acclimated her with our usual Wednesday night routine...swimming and tennis drills.  The kids were falling asleep in their dinner.  Success!
If it's Monday night and it's summer, it's American Ninja Warrior night!
After several months on a waiting list, Grace finally started a weekly ballet class.  She adores the class and is quick to show anyone and everyone her moves...

A quick visit to the lake.  We visited GG and Pops on Father's Day.

Whew.  That's a wrap on June.

July brings new changes as we start our last major construction project at the house.  We are moving to an apartment for a few months and looking forward to the onsite pool, basketball gym, and nearby walks to Chick Fil-A and a local donut and ice cream shop.

A sneak preview of our new kitchen and laundry room and mudroom...
Rick also recently started a new job and we are very proud of his success and willingness to take a risk in the interest of his family.

And in one month, my sister moves back to Texas! Hallelujah!  August can't come soon enough!

Off to summer cat corralling...


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nantucket Island, Part 2

And the overposting of photos continues...
On another particularly blustery day (think 49 degrees with 24mph winds), we all thought it might be a good day to go for a bike ride.  We loved the adorable nearby town of Siasconset and rode there so that we could huddle inside the local sandwich shop and sip coffee to get warm while ingesting the locally favorite meatloaf sandwiches.

But seriously, how cute is everything?

Sara and I hit up downtown for a little shopping later that afternoon during nap time.  
Imagine my absolute shock when Sara found a photo of my wedding used as a display in a shop on Main St in old downtown Nantucket!?!
Although our wedding was in Texas (Horseshoe Bay to be exact), our wedding party wore Vineyard Vines ties and sashes.  I submitted the photo to the Vineyard Vines marketing department YEARS ago.  We were in the catalog once, but I was completely shocked that this little photo was sitting there along the hats for sale in the shop.

Nantucket Reds and a Jordan wedding photo.  I love this shop.
Speaking of Vineyard Vines, we trekked out the next day for a day trip via ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  Luckily, the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day for all.
Palmer kept saying, "Ahoy, there!" while we were on the ferry.  It was super cute.  
Upon disembarking the ferry, we hit up a fantastic waterfront spot for lunch, Nancy's.  Sasha Obama worked here briefly last summer before the paparazzi descended upon the restaurant and she had to move more inland for work.

Martha's Vineyard looks different than Nantucket and boasts hundreds of tiny gingerbread and ornate Victorian homes instead of the cedar shingle-clad homes.


Just after the Civil War, the Methodist Church established a campground on the island for summertime revivals and retreats and built the tiny gingerbread homes which center around a large outdoor Tabernacle and nearby chapel.  Now a national historic landmark protects the Wesleyan Grove and residents still come for summer retreats and vacations.
One of the original Vineyard Vines stores...founded on Martha's Vineyard.

Uh oh, this is what happens when you are trying to block your sister from jumping into a pond and fall into it yourself.  Palmer earned himself a brand new pair of Martha's Vineyard pants since we were out for the day with no extra clothes!
So many pictures.  All week, so many pictures...
Back on Nantucket Island, we hit up our second lighthouse of the week, the Brant Point Lighthouse. It just begs for a mini photo shoot...Thanks, Grace for your cooperation! And where are your boots?
Stopping to smell the super fragrant beach roses.
Mom, what's for dinner? Oh, we cooked pizza tonight! Thanks for asking!
One of my very favorite outings was a hike along the bluff walks in Siasconset.  There is a public path that literally hugs the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean and tromps thru people's backyards the whole way.  It was such a magical and gorgeous walk to see the ocean, the flowers, and the beautiful homes.  
To add to the "pinch me" factor, we truly happened across a group of artists who were just standing along the bluff walk painting the scenery away.  Incredible.
My other favorite activity was renting a jeep and going off-road along the sandy beach to our last lighthouse, the Great Point lighthouse, at the very tip of the island.

We pulled over, let the air out of our tires, purchased a beach permit, and hit the sand for a fun and bumpy ride.
The adorable Wauwinet Hotel on the way back, complete with hotel-provided Hunter boots and a classic car...I suspect there will be an adults-only weekend here in our future!
Date night with the Jeep.  (It sure beat the mini-van we also rented for the week!)

 Good bye, Nantucket.  We loved everything about you and promise to return soon enough!
Back in Boston, the guys hit up Fenway Park for a Red Sox game and semi-private tour (thanks, Jill Hogue!)  Meanwhile, Grace and I had a little ladies sleepover at Aunt Jill's!
The photo onslaught is over! Thank you for enduring.  As always, I do these posts for the memory books I print for the kids from this blog content.