Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween Fun

We always have a good time around Halloween between the "cooler" weather, fall festivals, and fun costumes.

I keep thinking this is the last year that the kids are going to let me squeeze some creative costumes out of the kids. I like to brainstorm costumes with the kids around August, get a commitment, purchase the costumes, and then tell them, "Oh no, we already bought your costume!" when they come to me mid-October with new ideas like a zombie or a princess.  Oops.  haha.

This year's costumes:

Miss Madeline (with an appearance from Ms Clavel)...

And Palmer was a Masters golf tournament caddy...

We all had fun at the club's fall fest, filled with rides, pumpkin painting, and a costume contest.  Palmer has big memories of his coveted trophy prize when he was a four-year-old Davy Crockett and had high hopes of winning again.  Thank goodness I gave him a pep talk on the way there that there will only be ONE winner, so don't get too disappointed if you don't win.  Unfortunately, Palmer didn't win despite his heavy emphasis on rotating and posing for the judges...
But, we did bring home a little winner...Grace won the costume contest in her age division and big brother was SOOO proud of her!
We also rounded up all of the troops for the annual playgroup Halloween party.  Grace spent most of the evening playing dress up with several of the other little girls and cried her eyes out when I said it was time to leave (at 845 on a school night!)
And finally, Halloween night.  We hit up our empty nester neighbors before going over to the Blythes for some Hollywood Heights fun.

This is what happens when the neighbors forgot it was Halloween...
 Hollywood Heights crew!
Happy Halloween!  Grace and Palmer are asking to be a cheerleader and zombie football player for Halloween next year...

And one more week until we move back into our house.  We are getting so excited!!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017


My apologies in lack of updates lately.  I feel like our fall life is into a little schedule of school/after school activities, but there isn't anything super post-worthy to discuss.

So, here's to life lately...

We are still in the temporary apartment- we are in our home stretch and aiming to move back into our house in about three weeks!  Apartment life sans summer pool is a little hairy because the kids truly NEED somewhere to run around and play.  We live a very outdoor life at our home where the kids play outside a lot.  My lack of ability to be able to say, "Go out and play!" has been tiresome and we do a lot of after school activities and park time between 3 and 8pm to try to get the wiggles out.
Apartment life has also been sweet for a number of reasons.  One, we don't need a lot of stuff in our life.  I like the creativity that cultivates from a cardboard box, tape, and markers/crayons.  Two, Palmer and Grace have learned to sleep in the same room and that skill is nice to have for when we travel and visit friends.

To further complicate things, Rick has been traveling a ton for work so we are pretty much on our own during the week.

But, really.  We are SOO ready to move back in.  The house is looking great and I look forward to posting pictures in the future.  Some previews for now.

Palmer and Grace no longer live in closets.  In fact, they have 11 foot ceilings in each of their rooms!


Kitchen preview...
We are excited to put all of the finishing touches on and get back in there!

Meanwhile, after school activities have included Spanish for both kids, golf, tennis, and ballet.
Tennis drills for Palmer has been a great opportunity for me to get to practice my new hobby with my new team on the neighboring court.  We just wrapped up our first season of matches and even though we didn't win a ton, we learned a lot and had fun.
Other random October thoughts...

Palmer participated in the school karaoke show again.  He was going to dance like last year and let his buddy sing.  But, his buddy dropped out minutes before so Palmer went up and sang despite a last minute role change and audio problems.
Dress up fun and play dates for all...

We celebrated the upcoming birth of our new niece, Blakely.  She is due on December 23rd.
I gave up on teaching Palmer how to tie his shoes and brought in the pros.  Shoe tying class at Nordstrom!
Fall festival fun.