Friday, June 15, 2018

Lake Project and Memorial Day Weekend

As previously mentioned, we took on a new house project this spring.  This particular project had a lot of sentimental value and meaning because we did a first phase of renovation for Rick's family lake house.  This house has been in his family since the seventies and Rick's grandma has lived here full-time for the last ten years with Rick's dad living in a different house across the street. When Rick and I first started dating, we used to bring friends to the lake house and use it as such, but more recently, it has been "Grandma's house".

Grandma Grace (Grace's name sake and now known as GG) moved into a nursing home this spring.  The house was in worse condition than we realized when she was living there.  At the age of 92, it's hard to take care of the daily maintenance when you live independently.  The place needed a good cleaning and updating, floors replaced, decades of cigarette smoke eradicated, and overall sprucing of both the interior and exterior.  Rick and I decided it was important to keep the lake memories alive for future years, so we took on the project.
It's not a final product, but updated enough for anyone to feel comfortable coming and staying for a few days.  We also plan on doing short-term rentals when we are not there and try to earn some income during its vacant days.

Here are some before and after shots of the first phase of the project.



Moving day with this motley crew:
On Memorial Day weekend, we welcomed the staging and settling in help of Aunt Samantha and then greeted Rick's family with a big reveal on Sunday afternoon.  They had been kept in the dark during construction so that they could be surprised when the fist big phase was done.
 Grace and Blakely:
 Mud bath special:
 Rousing game of chess:
We are looking forward to so many memories in the future.  Come on down to the lake anytime!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grace's Dance Recital

Grace may not have loved her soccer debut last spring, but my goodness does she love her dance class.  Her studio is the sweetest place: the dress code is traditional and appropriate and recital costumes are classic and sweet.

From time to time, the class is open for a demonstration instead of regular recitals.  Here was the last open session:
The "real" recital only happens once a year.  Instead of the big four-hour production like some studios, Grace's studio paired three young classes together for a quick 15-minute show.
Quick run thru hair and makeup:

Back stage with Grace's class:
The show couldn't have been more perfect.  The girls LOVED being on the stage (my gal was VERY proud for the attention) and the audience was more than happy to enthusiastically applaud their way thru three performances.  (The director was so smart to cue the audience that instead of giggling at the adorable tiny dancers, instead loudly applause because that's what the dancers on the stage want to hear.  SO SMART.)
Grace was greeted after the show with what any 4-yr-old would want: flowers, candy, and a giant stuffed flamingo.  Paparazzi time.

Palmer was especially proud of his little sister...
And the amazing instructor, Miss Sarah:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

End of School Year/Spring Season

That's a wrap for Pre-K 3's and First Grade!  May was the usual May-hem with all of the end of year school activities.  It's always a month that makes us look forward to a change of pace in the summer.

Grace ended the school year with Ms Gigi and Ms Emily.  We so loved her teachers and her sweet little class this year.
End of year program:
A Mother's Day celebration at school:
First day/last day photos for Grace:
Grace also wrapped her first soccer season (not her biggest success), but then decided she loved the sport when she got her medal (eye roll).

Palmer wrapped his school year and activities, too.  First/last day photos:
His first love of the spring was probably chess.  Palmer grew so much as a new chess player and really enjoys the game, his chess team, and the strategy.
Meanwhile, mom and dad raised money for the schools by participating in a neighborhood adventure race party.  We dressed as the king and queen of chess.  Lakewood always loves a good theme party.

Palmer's baseball team had a challenge this season.  They were usually beat pretty badly and sometimes got defeated.  They are working on their hitting and the last game was their most improved game of all.  Cheers to some patient coaches and an underdog team.  Baseball pictures:
Palmer paired with a friend for his first golf tournament and the duo got second place for their age division.  Both kids played very well and it was a great experience for Palmer to see his practice turn into an actual competition.

 Palmer was so proud of the trophy that he brought it to his first grade teacher, Ms Cortes, to share the next day...
That sharing time turned into a daily "circle time" to wind down the end of the school year.  And "circle time" turned into a daily class update on the saga of the raccoon family living in our walls.  All of a sudden, parents were asking me for the latest on the mommy raccoon and three babies and two possums who we pulled from our walls and our grounds.

But I digress...

End of year photo with Ms Cortes:
End of year "musical theater" performance:
 Sweet friends who came to watch Palmer's performance:
End of year class party:

Palmer's last day was bittersweet because we've decided after much thoughtful consideration that Palmer is going to a new school next year.  It was a tough day of emotions as Palmer said good bye, but also looked forward to the next adventure.
And now, hello summer...