Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Easter 2018

Happy Easter!
In years' past, the kids were bombarded with so many Easter egg hunts.  I guess it's a sign of the times that everyone is getting bigger because we had less opportunities and we had sports conflicts this year.  The years are short for some traditions!

I pulled Grace out of school for the LECPTA hunt.  She had fun running around with her friend Meg.

School hunt for Grace...
Poor Palmer.  We didn't get any extracurricular hunts in for him this year.  But, we had a fun hunt at home on Easter morning.
Easter morning goodies...

Obligatory church and DAC brunch photos...


Don't be fooled by the sweet pictures above.  This was how our day really went.  The kids were crazy and hyped up on sugar.  We threatened the loss of all things fun...easter baskets, desserts, etc.  Ha
We went to Hollywood Heights for the annual Easter parade.  The Blythes worked hard on a tiki-themed float and the kids enjoyed throwing candy to all of the parade watchers.

Easter is always such a fun celebration day.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Southern California Spring Break, Part 2

After exploring in the Palm Springs area, we drove back to San Diego and set up shop in a condo on the ocean.  Rick and I both haven't spent much time in the area and were surprised to see how big of a region the city covers and how condensed and packed in the city was.  We imagined it a little differently.
I'd done quite a bit of research on the city and had big plans for each day.  Overall, I think we covered a lot of ground and have a much better understanding of the whole area.
The guys checked off a bucket list and played golf at Torrey Pines.  (Yesterday, Palmer asked me what happens in 2021.  I thought I was so smart and said, "the solar eclipse in Texas?" (I was wrong, btw.  That's in 2024!)  He said, "No! The US Open plays at Torrey Pines in 2021."  Oh, right.)
 The guys had perfect weather and perfect visibility for such a special and gorgeous course.  
Hacker style...
Meanwhile, Grace and I went on the most beautiful hike over the Torrey Pines Reserve cliffs.  Grace was such a good hiker and motivated to keep moving by music playing on my iPhone.

Visiting the beach...

Family dinner and visit to see the seals in La Jolla.

Palmer has been receiving the Lego magazine for a few years and he regularly cuts out the ad for California's Legoland and puts it on my nightstand.  Both kids couldn't believe their eyes when we rolled into Legoland for the day.
The kids were at the perfect age to experience the magic of the park and the rides were age appropriate for both kids.  Grace is proving to be just as much of a daredevil as her brother.
Watching the surfers... The water (and temps) were freezing, but that didn't stop the surfers all day, every day.
One last hike...
And a quick visit to Coronado Island where we saw sandcastles and played in the sand for the morning.
 Sand castle goals...
Due to previously mentioned Spring Break flight difficulties, Rick and Palmer flew out one day to return for school and work.  Grace and I returned the next day but... we missed our flight by one minute.  So, we got the pleasure of touring the USA all day on three different flights at a very expensive and unexpected additional cost.
Thank goodness for iPads and naps because this gal was a TROOPER all day long.  Her mother? Less of a trooper.  But, I did knock out 2/3 of a book on the long day...

Thank you, Southern California, for your hospitality and gorgeous country.   We had such fun exploring the region.