Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pumpkin Pics

We always love going to the arboretum for their special pumpkin display.  This year's theme was The Wizard of Oz...something that neither kids barely even knew about.  Oops.
Palmer's half birthday picture with Mr. Elephant.  Happy 6.5 years, Palmer!
Oh Grace...we just love you and your spunk.
I swear I have a husband, he just travels a lot.  We will get him in a picture one day!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lakewood Dads' Campout

I'm not a dad- not in our family or at all.  Palmer's school has an annual dads' campout where I do not try to explain or understand what goes on there.

All I know is that I get pictures like this sent to me throughout the weekend.  And it's probably important to put these memories into the blog so that I can print them out at the end of the year for our annual blog book.

No captions needed here.  Mostly, because I am perplexed with what is going on... And Rick said something about it being mostly like "Lord of the Flies" during the entire weekend and that there's a lot of talk of "going to attack the girls"... I'm pretty sure all of the girl dads hate us.



Friday, September 22, 2017

Good Bye to Boston

Boston entered our family in 2007 as a fresh-faced maltipoo.  
He was very sweet, patient, and always eager to cuddle with anybody or put up with the kids' shenanigans...whether it be dress-up or going for a "walk" meaning getting pulled around on the leash while inside the home...or via scooter.
Boston even got the star treatment when he graced the pages of People Magazine and the Vineyard Vines catalog with a photo from our wedding day.
Over the last three years, Boston has struggled with diabetes.  We had to give him insulin twice a day and the dosage of insulin regularly changed as his little body struggled to regulate.  For the last two years, he has fought UTIs that have forced him to be on far too consistent antibiotics.
Two weeks ago, we made the hard decision of putting Boston down.  Medicine was no longer keeping his infections at bay and his healthcare was tough to manage.

Palmer, Grace, and I spent a very special afternoon with Boston where we took him to White Rock Lake, let him run freely, laughed as he ran the bases at a nearby baseball field, and we let him eat as many treats as possible.

Then, we said our good byes and wiped our tears as we remembered the good times we had with such a sweet dog.
We will miss you, Boston.  You were a good family dog.