Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Full Summer

We've embraced summer fully with a schedule that is much more full than we originally planned.  Luckily, none of us sit around well and are loving our highly scheduled days nevertheless.  (I also know the second half of the summer won't be like this, so we are just smiling and enjoying!)

Palmer unexpectedly signed up for the swim team.
We've used the same instructor at the club every year for a private refresher course.  This year, I tried to schedule our annual meeting and she suggested that Palmer come try out the swim team for two days (mid-season) just to see if he likes it. Palmer was hooked and all of a sudden we are in a daily 8am commitment of swim team practice.
Once we get out the door, the hour is enjoyable and quiet.  The season only has a few weeks left and we are loving the very personal attention Palmer gets for his swimming technique.  Grace doesn't seem to mind, either.  A little breakfast by the pool...
...and then attention from some older kids gathering for camp while she enjoys a nearly-solo session in the splash pool.
Palmer's goal: to swim in a meet across the pool (25m).  He qualified last week by diving in and swimming all the way across:
The coach decided to put him in his first meet.  He suited up, warmed up....
..and then the heavens opened up and a rainstorm like you would not believe fell from the sky.  It was quite a feat to get all three of us across the parking lot with the sudden on pour and we were so wet.  We couldn't help but snap this shot of ourselves just DRENCHED.
Palmer will try again for his debut at the next meet.

Meanwhile, we already signed up for summer baseball (not knowing we would be swimming, too).  The team name is the Heaters and Rick and I can attest to the fact that it's hot.  Palmer really seems to enjoy it.  We think Palmer might like sports with individual attention more than full team sports (like soccer).
Don't worry about Grace.  She gets plenty of attention despite her lack of extra-curricular activities.  She has gal pals nearly everywhere she goes.
Lil miss is also getting into some accessorizing...
To top everything off, Palmer was already signed up for a few camps this summer (again, not knowing we would do swim team on a daily basis.)

He ADORED sports camp at the club: tennis, golf, and swimming.  Every day, I would pick Palmer up and a bunch of kids would say, "See you later, Ice Cream!"  Yes, he went by "Ice Cream" all week.  Two weeks later, kids are still saying, "Hi Ice Cream!" when they see Palmer at the pool.  Hysterical.
And this week? "Boys camp".  Palmer has come back every day with adventures of sling shots and bow/arrows and looking something like this:

Grace and I have enjoyed some good alone time while Palmer is away with mornings of baby doll playtime and other adventures (oh yeah- and I try to fit in work at some point- god love nap time!)
Whew! Is anyone tired yet? We are!  But happy memories over here all the same.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Annual Family Photos

We booked the wonderful Brandi Allyse Photography to take our pictures again this year.  Instead of going somewhere, we had her come over to our house and utilize all of the trees and the creek down below for background opportunities.
Despite Grace nearly refusing to smile in her lovely two-year-old state, we did get some great shots.
Some of my favorites:

Palmer said, "Mom, we're not supposed to get in the creek!"
Resorting to the vegetable garden for an attempt of a smile from little G...
Palmer is (almost) always the sweet big brother...
Thank you, Brandi!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Shell Island and Crab Hunting

After boring you with all of the last post of vacation photos, I'm going to warn you and throw a few more trip pictures your way.
While in Florida, we got the recommendation to drive about 30 minutes away to Shell Island, an undeveloped barrier island filled with gorgeous scenery and sand dunes.  We rented a pontoon boat and learned of the wild dolphins and impressive marine life in the area.
Palmer was so excited to collect shells in his bucket.  His caliber for selecting a shell was pretty low and he was easily impressed.  Quickly, he filled his bucket with shell shards and couldn't have been more proud.
At night, the boys had big plans of crab hunting.  I think both guys would've been willing to hunt in the dark ocean every single night.
After going out on the first try and learning from some 15-yr-old boys how it was done, Palmer and Rick were at the grocery store the next day arming themselves with proper flashlights and nets.
Let's just say that between late night crab hunting and the sun coming up bright and early at 6am, this boy had some good naps each afternoon!