Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Notable Week

Brag alert.  Sorry, I can't help it.

Last week was full of milestones.  It seems like we've worked for months on some of these achievements and then in a very short few days, everything came together.

1.  WALKING:  Palmer took as many as 10 steps in a row.  It's so fun to watch Palmer get more confident and brave.  Here is a video of Palmer taking a few steps:
2.  CLAPPING:  Palmer is tickled pink with himself when he claps.  He also waved "bye bye" for the first time and signed "more" during mealtime.  Big development in the hand coordination department...

3.  SIPPY CUP:  I'm not sure what is more fun, drinking out of the cup or throwing the cup.  But, I digress.  Palmer mastered drinking water from a sippy cup and out of a straw.

4.  EAR INFECTION:  Not all milestones are fun.  This one was not.  A trip to the pediatrician confirmed that Palmer was on the cusp of a double ear infection.  Antibiotics are in effect now!

5.  FROZEN YOGURT:  All sick patients need some frozen yogurt to cheer them up when in distress. :)  Thanks, Daddy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Months

Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 23 pounds, 14 ounces
Number of Teeth: 5

See my teeth?

*Getting into things he shouldn't- Specifically, Palmer likes dip his hand in toilets (eww), open drawers and cabinets, and race towards the stairs.  We are constantly chasing Palmer (and word on the block is things don't get easier for awhile!).

*Splashing- Palmer figured out how to splash the other day.  Suddenly, bath time got a whole lot more wet.  On Sunday, we went to the children's museum for a birthday party.  You can imagine how much fun Palmer had at the water table:

*Standing and taking steps- Palmer is gaining confidence with standing on his own.  He is up to 3.5 steps in a row.

*Boston- Poor Boston.  He is still well-loved, which translates to Boston's hair gets pulled a lot.
*Somersaults- Palmer is so silly sometimes.  One of his favorite things lately is to crawl really fast and then duck his head down so that you will flip him for a somersault.  He thinks it is hilarious.

*Man Breakfast- Rick takes Palmer out to breakfast most Saturday mornings.  Sometimes Pops goes with the "men" and sometimes Palmer's "manly" friends join him.  I feel sorry for the poor waitress that waited on this table of 6 dads and 6 little dudes under the age of 3:
*Adventure- Our little guy seems to be fearless.  At the children's museum, Palmer had a blast climbing and nose-diving off of the obstacles in the foam pit.  I predict many emergency room visits in our future if this bravery continues.

Two more months until one year.  I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waiting for Daddy

It's such a sweet sight to see Palmer watch for Rick to come home at night.  Palmer gets so excited when Rick's car rolls up.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Rick swears he has seen Palmer take a couple of single steps over the last few days. Yesterday, Palmer took two steps in front of his proud parents at a museum birthday party.

We're getting close!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Like A "Real Boy"

Palmer really seems like a "real boy" lately.  Much more toddler.  Much less baby.
The proud parents would like to think their genius son is very close to walking.  We are encouraged by others that this is, in fact, true.

Here are the facts:
1.  Palmer frequently stands by himself for several seconds at a time.
2.  Palmer can cruise around items such as the coffee table like nobody's business.
3.  Little man loves to use anything as a walker- wagons, large cars, kitchen chairs, basically anything that he can push to help him get across the room.
4.  Palmer can easily walk if someone is holding his hands.

However, despite all of the evidence above we have yet to see an actual solo step. (And the teachers at school are under STRICT ORDERS to not tell us if the first step is taken.)

Little people also like balls.  Enjoy this video of Palmer's superb (no, I'm not biased) throwing abilities.

This face looks like trouble is sure to ensue.  Luckily, Palmer's kind of trouble is pretty fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Palmer's Best Friend

We all know the saying, "A dog is a man's best friend".  The same goes for little boys.  Palmer has had an affinity for Boston throughout most of his short little life.
Palmer's favorite word is "dog" and he likes to say it over and over again.  He uses it in context and for any other moving little object.  For example, I was sitting outside at a restaurant the other day and Palmer kept saying "dog" while looking at a bird on the ground.  Here's a typical chat with Palmer:
Boston is a great sport because he puts up with Palmer's latest hobby: tugging on the dog's hair.  I am considering sending Boston in for a military-style haircut until the hair-pulling fascination passes.
But in the end, the two guys are great friends.  Look how they play tug.  Palmer has also figured out how to throw the ball to Boston knowing that Boston will eagerly retrieve the ball for another toss.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday



We had such delicious weather last week and I was thrilled that it coincided with Palmer and I being home from work and school for the holiday break.  (Rick was home a little bit, but typically still put in full days at the office.)

Palmer and I made the best of our time and got out for a fun outing or playdate every day.

Our highlights:

*We went to the children's museum with some cousins and Aunt Samantha.
Palmer looks like such a big boy playing on the computer next to Miss Libby Grace.
*We went to the zoo with Jill and her precious niece Blythe.  Blythe was very good about telling Palmer all about the surroundings and animals.  She is very motherly with Palmer and I hope they will be sweet friends.

Palmer really liked the monorail and we talked about how the zebra looked like a "Big Dog".  (Dogs are the current obsession and I hear the word "dog!" from Palmer all day long.)
*Palmer also loved driving his new car or riding in his new wagon to the nearby park.
We've come a long way on the swings from a few months ago (below)...
...and Palmer now LAUGHS when he's swinging:
*To top the week off, we caught the last weekend of the wonderful train exhibit at the mall.  I love how Palmer interacts with his surroundings now.  
Now, it's back to the grind.  Happy 2012, everyone!