Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break

Because we skied (and skipped school) two weeks before spring break and because Rick has annual speaking engagements at SXSW that typically align with spring break, the kids and I stayed in town for the week.

When the kids were littler, spring break was sort of hard because the break for me to work and get personal things done while they are at school is essential.  Now that Palmer is in school every single days, I enjoyed the nice week to make our own schedule and plans.
We kicked the week off with a weekend visit to Austin to visit Rick when he had breaks and see Uncle Luke, Aunt Holly, and Charlie.
The weather was less than ideal with rain and cold temps (which greatly impacts what one does in an outdoor city like Austin), but we did find time to scooter in the neighborhood, visit the local children's museum, go downtown and check out the new Yeti flagship store, and check out a Breaking Bad pop of shop of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Next up was a stop back in my old stomping grounds at the Fort Worth Stockyards for the daily cattle drive.  I've actually never done this and the kids enjoying seeing the (very short) bovine walk.
Back in Big D, we hit up another local gem- the Klyde Warren Park. With a trolley ride and friends, we visited the local park for playtime and a picnic lunch.  And by noon, about a thousand of our closest friends joined with the very same idea.
The week was relaxing and enjoyable.  Yes, elaborate vacations are nice (and Lord knows we travel plenty enough!), but sometimes the best moments are when you stop and enjoy the basics.
Now, off to school again you two need to go...and Rick please come home! :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Six Years With Palmer

Don't mind the FIVE shirt above.  Palmer wanted to wear this on the eve of his sixth birthday because "it's the last day I can wear this shirt!"

Over the last year, Palmer has turned into (and looks like!) such a little boy instead of a young preschooler.  I guess that he is just that given his kindergarten status over the past year.  Palmer is compassionate, conscientious of others, independent, curious, responsible, and inquisitive.  He is the kid who will tell me what's going on at school and all about the comings and goings of his friends.  I often fill Palmer's friends' parents in on some of the personal details because they don't get nearly as much information!

Palmer is very kind to his sister- always making sure she is taken care of and quick to help her with any needs she might have.

Palmer has a great imagination and comes up with clever contraptions and inventions on a daily basis.  He is always quick to show me his newest "Lego creation" and his problem-solving is often very entertaining...
Overall, Palmer is a very laid-back kid who is interested in everything and easily adaptable to any situation.  He is go-with-the-flow and makes his own fun wherever we go. 
Birthday photo with Mr. Elephant:
(To compare from last year, here is Palmer at the age of five...)

Height: 3'9", 58th percentile
Weight: 53 lb, 84th percentile

Palmer enjoys riding his bike and scooter, playing outside, snow skiing, swimming, tennis, rock climbing, and anything else you throw his way.  
The whole family enjoys playing golf and tennis.  Palmer is pretty comfortable in both arenas.
Palmer likes to learn and read about Ninjago, Star Wars, space, Lego, science, and Power Rangers.
He enjoys solving puzzles, playing math games on the iPad, Legos, and has spent hours lately with Rick trying to solve the Rubik's cube.
George the Monkey is still a best buddy along with imaginary friends Johnson and YoYo.  Palmer recently made this birthday poster for George's birthday! :)
Palmer, we love you so much and couldn't imagine this world without you.  Happy birthday!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sites to See

While in Taos, we ventured down the mountain to the town to explore the Rio Grande Gorge and a natural hot spring down by the river.

The drive to get here was so funny because we rambled along an isolated and unpaved neighborhood road for quite awhile.  Then out of nowhere, the earth dropped below us.

We hiked down the rocky path towards the river.
At the bottom sat several hot natural springs next to the Rio Grande River.  Despite the 36 degree temps, we stripped to out bathing suits and enjoyed the natural hot tub.

Another fun trip attraction was on the 11-hour drive to the mountains.  Along I-40/Route 66 highway in Amarillo, sits the eclectic art exhibit of "Cadillac Ranch".
Palmer couldn't believe his luck when some visitors shared their cans of spray paint so that the Jordans could contribute to the art...
Future vandals...

Needless to say, we got our kicks on Route 66.
 And Rick needs a selfie stick...and selfie lessons.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taos 2017

In the interest of raising kids to be good skiers in this ski-loving family, we stuck in a second trip to the slopes during the downhill snow season.
What was once billed as a "dude weekend" with Rick and Palmer, quickly turned into Grace's first time on the mountain when I interjected that the gals were indeed coming along!
Upon arrival, we learned that the lifts were shut down due to high winds.  Palmer and Grace took advantage of the empty mountain and got in some pretty great sled rides.

Palmer and Rick decided to map out their ski runs on this trip.  
Rick was thrilled that Palmer skied with him on the backside of the mountain.  
Meanwhile, Grace had a ball in the wintry wonderland.  She loved sledding, playing in the snow, and eating the snow.
Grace begged us to put her on skis, so on the last afternoon we got her fitted for skis and experimented with the bunny hill.
Grace's expression here cracks me up. The winds were very high and she was pretty chilly.
 Parenting at its finest right here...
I think it's safe to say that Grace will be ready for ski school next year.  Grace was so hilarious when we went into the warming hut after her ski debut.  She literally stayed frozen in this position for about 10 minutes.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Little gal was cold to the bone and worn out.
Happy trails.