Monday, April 24, 2017

Egg Hunts and Easter

For some reason, Grace ended up attending six Easter egg hunts this year.  Between playgroups and neighborhood festivities and school and Easter weekend, she got pretty good at bringing in the haul. It got to where Grace would wake up every morning and the first thing she would ask is if she could have more candy out of her eggs.
The playgroup gang (Palmer had to miss for baseball practice):
Another day, another hunt...
Petting zoo fun with Jackie.
And then there was the hunt at the Arboretum, which I booked in January when I was worried I wouldn't see a hunt with Grace this year since I was out of town for Easter weekend.  (Whoops.  I forgot about all of our little friend parties! Oh well. It was fun!)

I choose to enjoy all of these moments with Grace because the young years go by fast.  Already, my big boy Kindergartner only had the two Easter weekend hunts because he was in school for all of the other parties.

I was out of town during Easter weekend.  But, Rick held down the fort and shot some pics from the annual club hunt.  He said Palmer has learned how to clean up while out on the field!

By Easter Sunday, everyone was worn out.  Rick did a good job of coordinating the Easter baskets, hiding eggs around the house, and dressing everyone in their appropriate attire for church and the club. (No surprise that I left detailed lists and outfit piles for poor Rick!)
Of course, any mother could have predicted the chocolate cake staining Grace's dress, but I digress...
The family skipped the annual Easter parade this year in favor of some much-needed naps and birthday cake preps.  I arrived home later that night to a sweet cake, balloons, and presents on my Easter birthday.
Such a sweet ending to a fun Easter season.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Farm Life

Last weekend, we spent some time at a friend's farm in the hill country town of Boerne.  Despite a little drizzly weather, the large acreage was so fun for the kids to run around and enjoy nature's life.

As you can tell by Palmer's face, he absolutely hated it and had no fun at all.
Add some fishing to the mix and Palmer's weekend was spot on perfect.
These two cuties were entertained for hours with the simple joy of throwing rocks into the river.
Throw in a tornado touching down about five miles from us on Sunday morning and we had a perfect Texas ending to our farm weekend.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Palmer's Birthday Weekend

For Palmer's birthday, this year was a non-birthday party year.  I recently chose to alternate the years in which Palmer and Grace have parties so that it helps to manage expectation, teaches gratitude for the party event, and helps this mama out with two back to back spring birthdays!
Palmer and I have been talking about what he would do for his special day for quite some time and not once did I ever hear him complain about NOT having a party.

Palmer's first non-party year turned out to be so much more fun (in my opinion) than any party year.  Palmer got to spread out the fun and spend a day planning the activities that HE wanted to do to make his day special.  He started his birthday celebrating as early as three weeks prior with a trip to a magic show with Grampi.

At school on the birthday weekend, he celebrated with birthday donuts and a delivered power ranger balloon (which Palmer told me his teacher only had to threaten to take away one time.  Not bad.)
Any parent's dream, Palmer decided he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese and invite cousin Elle.  Palmer insisted we bring the birthday balloon as our "party decorations"!
The next morning, we cashed in on a Christmas present from Nana and Palmer experienced indoor sky diving at iFly with PawPaw and Coleton (who also had pending Christmas presents to use!)
We followed the high flying with a hibachi lunch and then cake with his baseball team at an evening game.

The next morning, our sweet neighbor helped set up Palmer's present from Aunt Samantha, a zip line for the backyard (Rick was out of town for the installation endeavor!)  Flying high thru the trees was such a fun way to cap the big birthday weekend.
Happy Birthday, Palmer! Let's do it again next year!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break

Because we skied (and skipped school) two weeks before spring break and because Rick has annual speaking engagements at SXSW that typically align with spring break, the kids and I stayed in town for the week.

When the kids were littler, spring break was sort of hard because the break for me to work and get personal things done while they are at school is essential.  Now that Palmer is in school every single days, I enjoyed the nice week to make our own schedule and plans.
We kicked the week off with a weekend visit to Austin to visit Rick when he had breaks and see Uncle Luke, Aunt Holly, and Charlie.
The weather was less than ideal with rain and cold temps (which greatly impacts what one does in an outdoor city like Austin), but we did find time to scooter in the neighborhood, visit the local children's museum, go downtown and check out the new Yeti flagship store, and check out a Breaking Bad pop of shop of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Next up was a stop back in my old stomping grounds at the Fort Worth Stockyards for the daily cattle drive.  I've actually never done this and the kids enjoying seeing the (very short) bovine walk.
Back in Big D, we hit up another local gem- the Klyde Warren Park. With a trolley ride and friends, we visited the local park for playtime and a picnic lunch.  And by noon, about a thousand of our closest friends joined with the very same idea.
The week was relaxing and enjoyable.  Yes, elaborate vacations are nice (and Lord knows we travel plenty enough!), but sometimes the best moments are when you stop and enjoy the basics.
Now, off to school again you two need to go...and Rick please come home! :)