Sunday, August 27, 2017

Baby Wylie

We were so excited to (very briefly) travel down to Austin to meet our newest nephew/cousin Wylie.
Both kids were VERY excited to get a chance to hold their new cousin.  I'm sure his mama was not as thrilled as they were!
However, I was so proud of how Grace and Palmer took their older status seriously and took very special care and attention to Wylie. 
I am loving the fact that Aunt Samantha is nearby in Fort Worth now!  She joined us for the trip to Austin.
We are all smitten with this new baby.  I can't wait to see who he becomes as he grows up and love watching Charlie learn how to be a big brother.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Mountain Time in Park City

Over the past few years, we have escaped the city hustle and bustle for a working vacation (meaning Rick and I both keep our work schedules, just transfer them to a remote position) at Horseshoe Bay in August.  However, we kept asking ourselves why we travel to another hot destination in August when there are many places with cooler temps.

This year, we wised up and went to Park City, Utah for a week.
 We loved the week and weather so much that we are confused about why we returned so soon!
I've been obsessed with the Olympics since I was a child and one of Park City's jewels in the Olympic training center for the athletes who compete in the freestyle aerialist ski jumping, nordic ski jumping, and bobsled.  Between watching the athletes compete and all of the fun activities for the general public, the training center made for fun over several days.
Upon arrival, we watched a ski jumping show and everyone was impressed.
Palmer and I checked out some of the nordic ski jumping mountains, by tube...
We loved the challenge courses, both the ones on the ground...
 ...and the ropes course up in the air.  "Mom, why did you even think that would be hard?"  Excuuuuuse me!
Oh, Grace.... A picture is worth a thousand words right here.
Who, ME?!?
Going to the neighborhood park is so much better with cool temps and no mosquitos.  
Couple that neighborhood park with this amazing bike park and Palmer was in heaven...
I'm not sure if I am relieved or sad that we don't have a bike park like this back home.
Palmer was eyeing these same hills when he was two years old.
The entire family enjoyed hiking.  Thanks to Katie Burrus, we learned a trick that if the kids pretend they are an animal, they are much faster hikers.  Grace decided to be a cow and hiked two miles one evening.  
Note to self: Don't hire Palmer as a photographer.
That's better.
Rick and Palmer enjoyed early mornings almost every day by either embracing the cool temps on the golf course or going for a long hike.  Grace and I enjoyed our lazy mornings instead.
We overlapped the Hull family's visit to Park City as well and enjoyed some time with them.
Three years ago.  Some things never change.
Alpine slide and bungee jumping time.  I tell you what- I think summer time is even better than winter in the mountains.  There's just so much to do.
Thank you for such a fun time, Park City.  We'll probably need to see you again next year!