Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seven Months

I have a feeling the 7 month sticker isn't going to last much past the morning nap. Palmer discovered the sticker and started grabbing at it/tried to eat it this morning.  I remember the good ole days when he wore his two month sticker all day long without noticing.
BUT, I think these active days are so much fun- sticker or no sticker!

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 20 lbs

*Boston (in the morning, Palmer smiles at Rick and me, but squeals with delight at Boston)
*Fingers and Sophie the Giraffe to chew on for teething
*Remote controls and iPhones
*Standing (with the assistance of a person)
 *Standing (with the assistance of an object)
*Stacking cups (mostly to bang and slide across the floor)
Happy seven months, Palmer!

Monday, October 24, 2011

World Series

Rick and I made it out to Game 4 last night.  It was a great night for baseball after a disastrous Game 3 and early morning hail storm.

By the way, I just had to share this exchange:
RICK: Wow, you happened to wear a red and blue dress and those are the same colors as the Rangers.
BETHANY:  Do you seriously think I "happened" to wear this outfit?
RICK:  Oh, I didn't know people planned those kinds of things.

Wow.  Guys are so weird.
Impressive United States flag during the Star Spangled Banner followed by an intense Chinook flyover:
Rick playing with the camera's sports setting while Nelson Cruz is at bat:

 Rick (still playing with the camera) also happened to catch Cardinals manager Tony La Russa's reaction to Napoli's three-run homer.
Let's Go Rangers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Crawling and Mischief

With a happy face like this, what could go wrong?  Mr. Palmer is in action.  We have to keep an eye on him at all times because he is on the move and curious about everything.

Here is a new video update of Palmer's crawling situation.  As you can see, he's really getting around now.  But, my favorite part of the video is the delight on Palmer's face when he sees Boston.

And here is a daily dilemma in the kitchen for Palmer: "Should I go for the door-stop which is cool and makes a fun noise or should I dump over Boston's water bowl, a never-ending favorite game?"  Side note: my floors aren't as dirty as they look.  The camera adds 10 pounds of dust.
I just love this little boy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Yummy!  Avocado.  Palmer is making his way around the farmer's market stand and becoming a seasoned pro with many fruits and vegetables.  He's a good eater and especially loves avocados (as seen above).

Meanwhile, here's what the rest of the Jordans have been eating for dinner:

POTATO, SAUSAGE, and KALE SOUP:  If you've been to Olive Garden, you'll recognize this soup as Zuppa Toscano.  It's a hearty potato-based soup with sausage and kale.  We get a lot too much kale in our co-op bin and I am always trying to be creative with the veggie.  So, I threw the kale in this soup and I think it was a success .  How do I know?  Because I told Rick it was spinach and he didn't notice/complain about how he hates kale.  Pioneer Woman's Potato, Sausage, and Kale Soup

RASPBERRY NUTELLA PIE:  One of my favorites recipes as a kid was an easy no-bake frozen peanut butter and chocolate chip pie.  This recipe takes that same concept to a slightly more sophisticated level.  It's still super easy, and I'm a sucker for nutella.  Raspberry Nutella Pie


Monday, October 17, 2011

State Fair

We ventured out to the fair this weekend.  Palmer did great and was wide-eyed as he took in all of the commotion.
 Rick and I "snacked" on a corn dog, fried brownies, fried butter(!), candy apples, fajitas, and lemonade.  I love the crazy fair food!
Palmer preferred to eat his own feet and daddy's watch:
We saw Aunt Eva working one of her four concession stands and learned her family has owned the stands for over 50 years.
Palmer told me he had fun, but would like to play games and ride some rides next year!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bumps and Bruises

My sweet little boy is tough.  I've learned this over the last few weeks because he has taken some rough tumbles.  
You see, Palmer is on the move now.  He wants to crawl, climb, and work on pulling up.
But, in the process of his newfound exploration, he sometimes falls.  Rick and I are working so hard to not overreact to the spills so that he brushes them off and tries again.  It's hard, though.

I thought this outfit was appropriate for the small new head wound (no stitches needed for Palmer, just Frankenstein).
Palmer's favorite activity is to hold his arms up when anyone is nearby.  He wants you to hold out your hands so he can pull up and walk around.

Ta da!
I've even caught Palmer practicing his new skills at night.  I woke up at 3:45a last night to Palmer sitting up and trying to stand in his crib.  He worked on it for about 5 minutes and then went back to sleep.

And when Palmer's not actively moving around, he pays tribute to Steve Jobs with his favorite Apple products.  RIP, Steve.  Palmer's generation is truly revolutionized because of you.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Don't tell my husband, but Halloween is a scam.  At least for an infant.

I've already bought/arranged for three different costumes because...
a.  I'm indecisive (not typically- just on this)
b.  we have different Halloween events that call for different Halloween needs
c.  it's my child's first Halloween and I can
d.  it's one of the few years where my child doesn't have a say in his costume.

Hey Rick, at least we get to eat Palmer's candy this year.



We headed out to the Arboretum recently for Palmer's 6 month photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.  Enjoy!