Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

All Boy

Palmer has been described as "all boy" his entire life, but I think the last week has truly defined that term.
Let's start with our little excitement last Friday night... I had just left for dinner when I got a call to turn around because we were probably going to need to go to the hospital.  Palmer was running in the house and tripped onto the edge of the coffee table.
Six hours later, we had quite an ER story to tell (imagine some of Dallas' 'finest' out and about on a Friday night amidst us in the urban downtown ER waiting room).
Palmer was so brave and endured 45 minutes of stitching up his gash, which went all the way to the skull bone.  He was mostly concerned because he "only got 6 stitches" and his buddy Ian got 7 recently.  He was also pretty tickled that he stayed up past midnight- until 3am, to be exact.
By Saturday, Palmer never complained again.  All day, I asked if he wanted Tylenol for the pain and he said it didn't hurt.  Tough kid.

Too tough for lemonade in fact.  Sunday morning, Palmer schemed a grand plan of setting up a tattoo stand- no lemonade stand for this child.
I explained to Palmer that our street isn't a very high traffic spot and he might not have much luck in our yard.  We secured the sidewalk of some friends on a more high profile traffic pattern.
The stand was a hit and was visited by friends and strangers alike.  Palmer made $33 and after setting aside $3 for business expenses, $3 for charity, and $5 for savings, he walked away with $22.

And lastly, our boy loves to spend time with his daddy hunting and getting dirty on a ranch.  The guys went dove hunting over opening weekend.
Please keep your bird cleaning away from my home...
Meanwhile, Grace and I are just as happy as can be away from all of this nonsense.
Oh, and I tore up the master bathroom amidst everything.  More to come on that front...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Little Lady

While Palmer is at school all day, Grace and I have had a lot more one on one time lately.  She is just a hoot right now- completely independent and has a mind of her own.

The latest: we are working on her new bad habit of saying, "Yeah" to everything.  I told her, "Say YES.  Yeah is yucky."  Her newest update?
"Yep.  Yeah is yucky so I say YEP."  Heaven forbid she just listen to what I say....
Grace is also torn about whether she wants to be a big girl or a baby.  Half the time she is yelling at me because she wants to do something herself. "I can DO IT, mommy!"

The other half of the time we have conversations like this:
Me: Grace, you are so big.
Grace: No, I little.  I sooo little.
We've had a few fun girly outings, like meeting Grace's pal Lila at the American Girl shop for a ladies lunch.
But, mostly this gal is just ready to run up to the school and pick up her brother just as soon as he gets out.

We both miss our buddy, but he's having an absolute ball at school.