Thursday, July 28, 2016

Horseshoe Bay 2016

We are nearing the end of a full week in Horseshoe Bay.  
If you saw me right now, you would see I've fully embraced lake life- no makeup, barely brushed and windswept ponytail, and some ensemble of bathing suit and cover up (because who really wants to keep going back and forth between getting dressed and swim suits?!)
My biggest accomplishment? Giving the kids a bath- it had been days because I was counting the pool as a bath.
This year has been so much easier with Grace.  Last year, she was 15 months- walking, but had no precautions to the lake or swimming pools.  This year, she understands boundaries better and our newest worry is her newfound lack of fear in the water.  In the past few days, Grace has decided she is ready to swim underwater and jump into the water from the side without a floatie.  All great, except she doesn't make sure that someone is ready.  My eyes are on her AT ALL TIMES right now as I keep trying to explain that she needs to say, "Mommy, are you ready?" before she swims underwater.
Meanwhile, Mr. Palmer is a water fool.  And I am a one-trick pony with photos...
I asked Palmer earlier, "What is your day like at Horseshoe Bay?"  He said, "We eat, we swim, we have lunch, we swim in the lake, we eat dinner, we get in the lake."  Yep.  That's about it.  (With the addition of me sneaking in work emails, working during nap, and ordering plumbing supplies and a bathtub for our upcoming master bath remodel!)
Unfortunately, Rick has had to work much more than we hoped or expected.  He normally commutes to his nearby Austin office about half of the time during our annual trip and works from here the rest of the time.  Circumstances have forced him to be in the Austin office most of the trip until pretty late into the night.  We miss him dearly, appreciate how hard he works, and look forward to him joining us more this weekend.
Last weekend, we had so much fun with visitors.  The Burrus family joined us for a day on the lake.  We miss these friends in Dallas so much and love how the kids play so well together.  

I love when the empty nester neighbors invite the kiddos over to fish.  I didn't touch any worms and it's free babysitting!
We also got to spend some time with my precious nephew Charlie (and Uncle Luke and Aunt Holly). Grace talks about Charlie every single day and was so excited to hold "her baby" (who is within spitting distance of her in weight!)
A few more days and we will be back to reality.  Or is this picture a perfect example of reality?

Friday, July 22, 2016

4th of July

Sorry for the delay.  I'm playing catch up.
As always, the 4th of July is a favorite holiday around here.  This year, we were thrilled to now live a few blocks from the parade that we always like to attend.  We started the morning with a pre-parade breakfast down the street with neighbors and then headed out to our usual spot for watching.
Our sweet friends joined us for the parade.  I adore seeing Grace and Lila's friendship blossom like Palmer and William's.
Rick and Palmer made their annual appearance on the go-cart.  Rick remarked after the route how Palmer knew just about everyone along the way.  He said everyone would yell, "Hey, Palmer!" and wondered, "How does this 5 yr old know so many people?!"
After the parade, we enjoyed riding our bikes and the go-cart to a few neighborhood parties.

Grace going for the gold this year...
 The kiddos showing off the go-cart to neighborhood friends...

In usual fashion, we spent the evening at the club swimming, filling our bellies, and watching fireworks.

Firework time!
 The Evans family joined us for the evening.  Sweet little Liam is so fun.
 Fireworks=snuggles=rare selfie
Grace is getting to the age where the late-night fireworks weren't such a stretch despite being past bedtime.  She watched the entire show...and sang all the way home.  Nothing like an 11:00 bedtime on a summer night!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


All of the recent worldwide violence hit a little too close to home when the Dallas Police Department officers were shot downtown.  Dallas is a wonderful city in which to live and although southern, isn't usually subject to some of the deep racism that does occur in other parts of the country.

I got back in the saddle for NBC and freelance-produced the breaking news for nearly a week. MSNBC and NBC Nightly News were anchored downtown near the crime scene. It's rarely ideal when the network anchors come visit your town.
However, it was nice to reconnect with so many of my former daily colleagues.  NBC has a very family vibe and thru the travels, everyone works and gets to know each other pretty closely.

The New Yorkers (and admittedly, this Texan) got hot.  We brought the AC to the great outdoors.
Back home, Palmer competed in his first official swim meet.  Although I missed it, I got plenty of videos and photos.  I am so proud of how well Palmer improved his swimming technique and loved seeing him enjoy the competition.
Although we've got a long way to go (he got 27th out of 27 kids!), I think this might be something we'll work on again next summer season.
After things at work died down, we were able to go to a "card-making party" at a local park where kids were making cards to thank the police officers.

"I'm sorry that you lost some of your police officers.  Love, Palmer"

I'm so proud of the city of Dallas for rising up and enveloping our officers in love.  I'm happy to teach the kids how grateful we are for the police who protect us every day.