Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mr. Personality

Palmer continues to fine tune his personality each day.  Over the last year, we've seen a few consistent traits: Palmer is active, adventurous, and funny.

Here are a few highlights from Palmer's November:

1.  BIKE!!  If an object has wheels, it has Palmer's name all over it.  Palmer LOVES his new outside "bike".  He often tells me on the way home from school, "I want bike outside."
Our tough boy is sometimes referred to as "a tank".  Here you can see why:
What happened next, you ask?  Nothing.  Palmer got back on and kept riding.  :)

2. COUNTING: Palmer is learning to count.  He likes to say, "One...car/bird/tree/etc!, Two...car/bird/tree/etc!, Three...car/bird/tree/etc!" while riding in the car.  He also is interested in a new counting app on the iphone.

3. MY HEART IS WARM: There's nothing better than a sweet note from a teacher that makes you proud:

4.  SILLY FACE:  Palmer has a "silly face".  This is it:

Palmer, you are a fun kid.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Night Lights

 Rick and I thought it would be fun to introduce Palmer to good ole Texas high school football.  Both of us have fond memories of Friday night football games from our childhood.

As adults, we haven't attended much high school football, so we decided to round up some friends for a Highland Park HS game.
The weather couldn't have been better (80 degrees in November!) and Palmer loved to see the football players, the marching band, and all of the commotion.
And when he wasn't yelling out instructions to the coach...

He liked to climb up and down the bleachers.  And upanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownand.

All that climbing is enough to wear out even the most active of boys...
Blowout Final Score:
Highland Park HS: 56
Terrell HS: 7


Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our little golfer had so much fun this year.  Palmer seemed very proud when he walked around in his golfer costume and I was quite impressed that he even wore his hat.

Tis the Halloween season for many parties and festivals...

Us playgroup moms did our best to gather the playgroup kids for a group photo at the Halloween party.  At the tender age of 1.5 years, the task is rather tough:
Ball pit fun:

Brooke and Scott always put on a great costume party.  This year, we stopped by "on our way to bed".
 Palmer didn't know what to think of the funny pig.

Our neighborhood does a great job of putting together a big fall festival in the park complete with a cake walk, chili cook-off and beer brew-off, and games for all.

Cotton candy=Love at first taste:
Costume parade:

Palmer's party at school was so cute and complete with adorable crafts for the kids.
 I thought it was hilarious that most of the girls were focusing on decorating their mini-pumpkins while my boy preferred to eat the plate in anticipation of a snack.  Palmer kept saying, "I want snack. I want snack. I want snack."
Ahh.  MUCH better!

Every little golfer needs his own golf cart in which to trick-or-treat.  We brought the golf cart from the lake for the Halloween festivities.
Quick pre-trick-or-treat dinner with Palmer's neighbor friends:
And we're off!
 Now, off to bed you go so that mom and dad can eat all of your candy!