Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

One morning, Katie and Ann and I packed up the kiddos and went for (what we thought was) our annual Big Orang Pumpkin visit.  Sadly, we learned that the farm land will soon be sold for urban sprawl and this is our last pumpkin farm visit. :(

The boys just loved to watch the tractor pass by:
Feeding the goats was somewhat a success: fun until the goat "bit" Palmer's hand.
Sweet friends.  Despite being a year apart, Charlie and Palmer are really two peas in a pod.
Getting a good photo of all of the kids is nearly impossible.  And poor Colin didn't even make it in the frame.  Nevertheless, Palmer was looking at photos with me earlier and was sure to point out the most important thing of the photo: "Big tractor wheel, Mommy"
There's Colin!

My little pumpkin:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"George Monkey"

Over the past few months, Palmer has become very attached to "George Monkey" (also known as Curious George).  He loves to read the Curious George books and watch the TV shows and movies.

(One day, he even creepily kept grabbing onto a friend's Curious George dress at playgroup.  He couldn't believe she was wearing George on her dress!)

So, imagine Palmer's delight when I remembered that we already have a "Curious George" stuffed monkey upstairs in a box.

You might remember this monkey:
Palmer could not believe his luck that George was in his very own house.  Since the introduction, George has been a constant companion in Palmer's life.  Often, Palmer is seen explaining or showing something to George.
"Palmer, what does George say?"
"Oooh Oooh, Ahh Ahh Ahh!!"
George got to meet an airplane pilot:
And there is a great Curious George exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  My mom took Palmer (and George!) to see George's neighborhood and meet the other George's.  Apparently, Palmer did not want to leave and was promised they would come back one day soon.
George can't always come with us on our outings. When George has to stay behind, we make sure he is sitting on the steps waiting for Palmer to return. (Note this was Palmer's idea and also where Palmer sits to wave good bye to Rick when he goes to work in the mornings.)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall (In Spirit)

As mentioned last week, I spent the beginning of this month sick in bed.

As typical for each season, I had ambitious plans for my favorite Texas season, the fall.  However, those activities quickly went out the door when I battled sickness after sickness.

Thank goodness for family to pick up the slack.

Although Rick and I didn't make it out to the fair this year with Palmer, our little guy had a ball with Grampi and Grammi.
Despite the weather being particularly dreary and drizzly, Grampi and Grammi reported back that Palmer loved all of the rides (no surprise) and they couldn't believe his lack of fear.

Rick and I got a kick out of his ride choices: the race car and the motorcycle.  Typical.
Palmer also had the choice to eat anything he wanted at the fair.  What did he pick?  French fries!  In fact, the french fries were such a hit that he forewent the petting zoo when he learned you have to dispose of your food at the door.  Priorities, people.

On another day, Gram and Paw Paw saved the day with a trip to the pumpkin patch.   I tagged along, but was afforded the luxury of mostly sitting while Gram and Paw Paw did the chasing.

Decisive like his mom, Palmer quickly picked out one of the first pumpkins he saw:
This particular patch was so cute with tractor rides, hay rides, and a playground.
Me and my boy:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jordan Shutdown

Sorry for the quiet front on the Jordan Journeys.  While the government shut down, so did the Jordan household with a stomach bug and then what I will self-diagnose as the flu.

We've had a lot of inside playing time. (See this week's Wordless Wednesday photo of a fort Palmer built one morning.  I think he fit every possible toy into that fort and then had a hard time finding space for his own body inside the structure!)

We've also spent a little too much time in front of the TV with Palmer's BFF, Curious George, or "George Monkey" as he is known around here.  I'm probably not going to get mom of the month for October, but oh well.

What's new?

1. Palmer is 2.5.  We celebrated with half a cake and his traditional elephant photo.
Here's a year ago:

2. I just had to share this artwork from school.  
Typically, the art Palmer comes home with at this age is cute, but not necessarily a reflection of Palmer.  I just love Palmer's new teacher and her initiative to push the kids to be independent thinkers.  Miss Clarissa set out an empty house for each student and a bunch of magazine cut-outs of items you might find in a house.  Each child picked out his or her own items to put in their house.
If you know Palmer, his choices were so spot-on and I found them to be hilarious.  He LOVES quacamole, his step stool, race cars, and our key rack by the back door.  All items were included in his home.

3.  When we have felt well enough to venture outside, there is usually a party on our street from about 4:30pm-6:30pm.  I just love the families on my block.  Us adults catch up on a picnic blanket while all of the kids literally run up and down the block in each other's front yards.  
Here's to health and wellness in the future weeks!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

DC (Right Before the Government Shutdown)

Palmer and I went to visit Aunt Samantha over the weekend.  We got there right before everything in the town closed down with the government lockdown and before the TSA employees at the airport became even more disgruntled.

Palmer charmed his way into the cockpit of the plane bound for DC.  (The stuffed animal is his new obsession, "George Monkey" (aka Curious George) waving for the camera.)
When we arrived, we quickly headed over to the Baltimore Orioles ballpark for a baseball game.  My friend Kelli met a Rangers pitcher and then he had the audacity to marry her and whisk her away to his new team cities.  Scott is currently playing in Baltimore, so we were able to visit with Kelli while in the area and catch the game.

(Not the best angle...)

Not bad seats.
 Somebody's a fan of the ballpark food.  Mr Ketchup Face stole almost all of my hotdog.
Sadly, we got there a little late and missed Scott pitch, but Kelli said it was a stressful few innings and we probably didn't want to be sitting with her anyway for the opening of the game.

The rest of the weekend was spent walking around the city, catching up with friends, and baking cookies for 120 people (my sister always gets into situations like that).  I asked Palmer about his highlight of the weekend and he said, "we made cookies!"  More like we ate cookies and more cookies and more cookies...

My favorite highlights were:

We got to see Miss Kelly and Mr David over pizzas on Saturday night.  Kelly is extremely busy right now with the government shenanigans, so I was so thrilled she got to get away for dinner.
I just love this view from the Georgetown Harbor.  We saw the most amazing yachts parked by the waterfront, too.
Samantha and I went for a long walk one evening.  Palmer kept asking where we were going.  We said, "We are going to see a very big man named Mr. Lincoln."  Palmer was very impressed when we arrived.
So impressed, in fact, that he tried to sit by Mr. Lincoln and quickly had guards running Palmer's way.
We miss Samantha so much and feel fortunate to get to see her every three months or so.