Saturday, April 28, 2012


Palmer isn't a major fan of the bath.  He doesn't hate it, but he isn't one of those kids who LOVES to play around during bath time.  So, I have been wondering how he would take to the swimming pool this year.

My friend Remy and I took advantage of my sister's condo pool since the official pools don't open for another month.

A little poolside cocktail before heading in:
The verdict: the pool is very very fun! Palmer had a blast.

The boy is fearless and immediately started walking around the shallow end.  He didn't realize that it might be challenging to walk thru the water and quickly fell back onto his back in the 1-foot-deep water.  I could see him thru the water with wide eyes not knowing what to do before I scooped him up.

Palmer seemed pretty unfazed by going under the water.  However, he was a bit more cautious and not as quick to leave my side when playing with his water toys.
I am looking forward to swimming lessons starting next week so that we can properly teach Palmer how to deal with the underwater situation.

And because it's bathing suit season, here are some healthy meal favorites...

SPINACH QUINOA SALAD WITH ROASTED GRAPES: You know it's almost summer if we are busting out the quinoa with fruits and veggies again.  Yay for getting away from the heavier winter food!  Try this light salad loaded fresh with spinach, roasted grapes and pears, and almonds.  I serve it just a tad warmer than room temp.  And Rick likes to ruin the healthiness by throwing in some Andouille sausage.  To each their own, I guess.

YOGURT RASPBERRIES:  So simple and so good.  Stuff yogurt chips or white chocolate chips in raspberries for a great healthy(ish) afternoon snack.  Rick and I agree to disagree on how to serve the berries: I prefer frozen and he votes for room temperature.  Either way, they are a winner.
WHOLE MILK:  I feel obligated to document for my own purposes that Palmer has moved 100% from formula to whole milk.
There, documented.  Check.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

If it wasn't Wordless Wednesday, I would say something witty like, "I caught you red handed" or I would discuss that pink chalk isn't for eating.  But, it's Wordless Wednesday.  So, I won't.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Energy to Burn

I don't have the kind of son who sits still.  Most of my photos these days are blurry like above because Palmer is in motion. (Hint, hint: I also need a faster new camera!)

Little man is just too busy and ALWAYS on the move.  Rick and I spend most of our time chasing, chasing, chasing.  And since Palmer now thinks he can run, we are moving faster and faster.

For example, here is a typical one hour in Palmer's world.  (Note: we were at Palmer's friend's first birthday party for this sample hour.)

3:37pm: "Ooooh, I love this water table!  It's so fun!"
3:45pm: "Wait, daddy, forget the water table.  Check this cool pool out instead!!  See, I can get IN it."
3:47pm: Rick, "No, Palmer you can't get in it, but we can look at it from the side."
Minutes 3:48pm thru 3:59pm consisted of going back and forth between the back deck and the pool.  Palmer was pretty sure he could've swam if we gave him a chance!

Look at that face.  He is not pleased that Rick went to retrieve him from the pool, again.
4:00pm: Back to the water table, but you can tell that Palmer now has his eyes on the bigger prize, the swimming pool!  Notice how sweet Harrison is STILL at the water table playing happily.  Love that content kid.
4:06pm: "Wait, what's that I see over there?"
4:08pm: "YEAH, that's what I thought!  A golf course.  Dad, where are my clubs?? I definitely need my clubs."
4:10pm Quick break.  Gotta ditch the hat.
4:14pm Time to go inside.  "Ooooh.  Look at this fun piano!"
4:20pm  "Mom and dad, are you tired yet because I'm not!"
Welcome to my life.  Whew.  I wonder why I even bother working out.  If you can't tell, chasing Palmer does the trick!


Monday, April 16, 2012


My sweet godmother came to visit from Michigan and we decided to round up Gram to visit the zoo.
I had high hopes for the animals from Palmer's board books to come alive right in front of his eyes.  (I mean, we talk about "what does a horse, cow, duck, etc. say" ALL THE TIME!)

What did Palmer enjoy at the zoo?  Giraffes?  Nah.  Too far away.

Elephants?  Nah.  He couldn't get past the pond in front of the elephants.

Tigers?  Nah.  The waterfall was much better.

The fish?  YES!
Well, at least until a school group came to look at the fish.  Then, Palmer thought the kids were way more interesting.
Petting zoo?  Of course!  And you can bet Palmer called the poor chicken a "dog".
Maybe next time Palmer will be curious about the animals, but for now he had a blast with the grass, fence, water, and of course, Gram and GodMary.


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Although last year was technically Palmer's first Easter, the child was a mere few weeks old.  Last year's Easter was a haze of sleep-deprivation and major family adjustment. 

This year was so much fun because Palmer is now big enough to participate in Easter egg hunts.  Palmer comprehends that the eggs need to go into the basket.

However, he does not understand that there are treats inside of the eggs.  When Palmer has enough eggs in his basket, he quickly dumps over the basket and starts again on the refilling process.

Last week, Palmer and I went with some playgroup friends to a sorority alumni hunt.
Palmer liked the petting zoo at the egg hunt and told me all about the "dogs" that he saw.
We also went to a hunt over the weekend at the country club.
"Dad, why are you eating my candy?"
Palmer checked out the bounce house and enjoyed the blow-up until some bigger kids got in and startled him.
Nana joined us on Easter Sunday for church and brunch in the morning:
Our neighborhood is known for its Easter Sunday afternoon parade.  What is typically a block party complete with bounce houses and a DJ turned into a big soggy mess due to scattered showers throughout the afternoon.  Nevertheless, people turned out to cheer on the parade donned with their rain jackets.  We spent the afternoon protected from the rain by a friend's covered porch.
And Scott Taylor out-did himself again this year with another Macy's parade style balloon.  This year's concoction: a golden chocolate bunny.  Rick was one of the parade handlers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Toddler

Introducing Mr. Palmer Thomas Jordan, the toddler...

Expert at finding good mud puddles:
Fan of all things dirt:

Master scooter:
Proficient in bounce-houses:
Always accident prone:
And in his freetime, Palmer likes to kick it in his very own chair (with a horrifyingly mis-matched outfit, I must say):
PS This post is brought to you by the iPhone.  Where are your fancy cameras when you need them?