Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Palmer's World

Palmer received a camera almost a year and a half ago for his third birthday.  He gets it out from time to time, but I hadn't sat down and gone over his pictures until recently...
What I found was a fascinating chronology of a year and a half thru Palmer's eyes.  I saw what matters most to our little boy and what it's like to be 42 inches tall.

Welcome to Palmer's world over the last year and a half:

Here are my parents:
My dad is silly:
This is my dog:
Here is a better shot of him:
I actually take a lot of photos of my dog:
I also like to take a lot of photos of sidewalks outside.  Like lots.
Here's my mommy's pregnant belly:
Oh look, now we have a baby!
My parents don't always pay attention to me:
And I like to take photos of my bunny clock.  (Even when the bunny is asleep and I should be doing the same...)
Trying out the self-timer:
Here are some of my friends:
The view out my bedroom window...
And these are a few of my favorite things:
Once, my parents went all the way to Africa and sent me a photo.  So, I took a picture of the photo:
I am working on mastering a "selfie"...
You may remember this photo from my mom:
Here was my angle:
My sister grew:

Love, Palmer Jordan, age 4

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, August 17, 2015

Horseshoe Bay 2015

We are nearing the end of our three-week stay in Horseshoe Bay for this week.  My blog has been quiet during our time here mostly due to exhaustion from too much sun and a balance of trying to maintain my part-time job while juggling two young children without childcare.  I have been working every free moment that might have otherwise been devoted to blog time.
Nevertheless, this annual trip is always good for our family's souls and everyone is leaving happy and healthy (and the guys are even more weird).
Again, we rented a condo on the water.  This year, we added a pontoon boat and a water trampoline to the lake fleet.  Both additions were so much fun for having friends come to visit.
We loved having the Burrus family visit for a day of lake fun:
 Palmer and Charlie on the tube:
Grace is curious about getting out on the tube next year:
Palmer also found it was easy to make neighbor friends when he had a fun trampoline in the water to entice everyone with.
And Rick was impressed with Palmer's game when little P shared the trampoline with 5 high school neighbor girls!

While Rick ventured over to his firm's Austin office during the week, the kids and my weekdays consisted of a morning pool outing, lunch and naps back at the condo, and quiet afternoons filled with playing.  In Dallas, we keep quite busy schedules, so the relaxing lake schedule is always good for us to recharge.
These two are getting so playful with each other:
Rick and my nights looked like this:
We loved our visit from the Kasling family.  Trey and Rick were college roommates in undergrad.  Both little Joy and Trey celebrated their birthdays with us:
And later in the week, we had more visitors: Adrienne and Matt came for a few days.  Adrienne and I love to cook together and filled the weekend with great food and lots of sun:
Always the entertainer, Palmer loves inventing new "tricks" at the pool.
 We're sad to part from the hill country for now.  A piece of our heart is always with this land.