Monday, September 14, 2015

Look Who's Talking, Too

In our family, we often group certain members in the family as "the people in the family who can talk" aka Rick, Palmer, and me versus Grace.  Well, those days are about to be over because Miss Grace is really exploding in her vocabulary.

Between babbling a lot of different sounds in a somewhat monologue fashion and making deliberate words, Grace is becoming quite chatty.

See this video that we sent to Aunt Samantha the other day:
One of Grace's first words?


Grace has had a wonderful nanny, Damaris, take care of her a few mornings a week since Grace was itty bitty.  Damaris and another wonderful sitter we often use only speak to Grace in Spanish.  It looks like the dual-language immersion is working and we are thrilled to see Spanish come up so early in Grace's life.  (Now, if Grace's daddy could learn a few words in Spanish...)
Grace is so fun and really developing a silly personality much like her entertainer-loving brother.

(Lord, help me.)


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