Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Halloween Frontier

I gotta hand it to Palmer... For the past few years, he has chosen a costume in August and stuck to his guns all the way to Halloween.  This year's choice was Davy Crockett.
Grace fulfilled her sidekick role (how many more years do I have left of that??) and was an Indian princess.  Thanks to Grampi for the arrow holder.
Our first seasonal stop was a fall party at the club.  Complete with carnival rides (do NOT let me ever EVER get on those swings that DO NOT stop again!) and carnival food, we had a fun time despite the damp weather.
There was a costume contest during the festival.  Before the contest, Palmer and some buddies were smack-talking with the ninja turtle...
The non-princess princess...
Lo and behold...
 We have a WINNER!! "Mom! I've never won a real trophy before!!"
A few days later, Palmer desperately tried to organize his playgroup friends into a costume contest.  He was disappointed nobody listened to him.
Can you believe our lil playgroup has grown to 20 tiny humans??

Last but not least, we had a wonderful time on Halloween night trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Grace was excited to get in on the action:
Grace did really well and mustered her best "trick or treat" and "thank you" at about six houses with the coaching of big brother and Dad.
And after about 6 houses, we stuck Grace in the stroller with a sucker so the bigger kids could move as fast as they thought they needed to...
Speaking of the big kids, Palmer enjoyed having Cayman (and family) join us for the third year in a row.
The neighborhood gang was all tough until they got to Ms. Liz's haunted house...
A bush (who was really a human) jumped out and grabbed the kids.  Palmer was totally freaked out and told afterwards to "watch out for that bush at Ms. Liz' scary house!".  My boy just doesn't have a shy bone in his body.  Mr. Social warned the entire neighborhood!

Such a fun Halloween in the books!


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