Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ranch Weekend

Amidst Luke and Holly's new baby and Christmas craziness, we snuck away for a quick weekend at the McGuires' ranch.  It was such a great escape and good to kick up our feet and relax during a season of such "go, go, go!"

The Stoltz and Dean families joined our family and the McGuires.  All of the kids got along so well and had a ton of fun running around the property, fishing, riding on golf carts, etc.
Sweet Colin, Olivia, and Palmer.  (Poor Harris missed the afternoon and opted for a trip to urgent care to check out a potential ear infection.  Not ideal for him, nor Jennie.)
I think we might have another golfer in the family...
What's better than an evening hayride?
Oh, I know.  The late night bonfire the adults had AFTER all of the children were tucked away in bed.

Thank you, Jennie and Lloyd for having us out.  Sign us up again!!


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