Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lake Ouachita

Wow.  We went to the Blythe's home away from home on Lake Ouachita last week and were blown away by the beauty of the national treasure.
Since the lake is surrounded by a national forest, it is not the kind of lake where homes are built up around the shoreline.  Instead, people either camp or keep large boats at the marina so that the boat can be a home for the trip.
Around the lake, you can see houseboat after houseboat settled into private coves and tucked away for personal getaways.
Brandon and Kalee recently settled their boat at Lake Ouachita and made the commitment to visit Arkansas every other weekend during the warm seasons.  This year, they upgraded and traded in their boat for a house boat due to a growing family.
We welcomed their new purchase when we were invited to finally experience their beloved special place.  Between the four bedrooms in the boat and a pitched tent for Rick and Palmer up top, the two families were able to settle in for such a fun weekend.
We all wore out the water slide...
...sometimes in more creative ways than others.
The gorgeous shoreline was explored on jet skis.

Thank you, Blythe family, for our wonderful Hot Springs weekend.  And guys, us ladies kicked your butt in the games department.  Next time, study up and be ready!


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