Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Grace and Palmer are in coasting mode with comfort in their respective schools.  Both kids are excited about their new teachers and seeing familiar friends and faces.

Our commute from the temporary apartment makes things feel a little different, but we are quickly settling into a routine.

Meet the teacher and the first day of school for Palmer:

After school activities for Palmer include tennis, golf, and Spanish lessons.  Selfishly, Rick and I are thrilled because tennis and golf lessons coincides with adult opportunities to play the same sports in the evening.  Win for all!

Grace's meet the teacher and first day:

Grace is continuing with ballet and also starting Spanish lessons after school.  I forgot to tell Grace's new Spanish school that she has been exposed to Spanish thru nannies her entire life.  Grace's teacher raced out after her first day with a huge proclamation that Grace KNEW SPANISH!  Whoops.  We will now work to transition her knowledge of understanding to a speaking skill.

Good bye to our pool days and summer! We ended the season with a Labor Day celebration full of swim races, splash contests, sno cones, golf, and naps on momma.  Such sweet moments...sometimes.

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