Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Annual Holiday Newsletter

I grew up in a household that sent an annual newsletter with our Christmas card.  When I graduated college, I decided to continue that tradition into my adult years.  This year, I am taking advantage of this blog and sending a traditional card with a link to our digital letter.

Admittedly, other years have been much more glamorous with fabulous vacation spots and interesting work assignments.  This year has been very different...we stayed at home a ton and found joys in very simple activities.  And we've loved every minute of 2011 because we welcomed a new addition to the family.

On March 25th, Rick and I met our son, Mr. Palmer Thomas Jordan.
Palmer was the sweetest newborn and is such a fun baby.  He's quite mobile these days and keeps us on our toes.  His current obsessions are stairs and electrical cords, so we are constantly chasing after the little guy.
We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of travel this year.  Rick went on a boys golfing weekend in North Carolina and I went with the ladies to Vegas to celebrate an upcoming wedding.  Rick and I also got away for a stint without Palmer and spent Labor Day Weekend in Key West for a wedding.  
Our trip to Key West inspired a spur-of-the-moment moped purchase.  (Yes, of course the family with a newborn needs a moped!  That makes perfect sense.)
The moped has served as convenient transportation for quick trips to the neighborhood yogurt shop, especially during this past summer's record-breaking temperatures.  We saw 70 days over 100 degrees.  It was a loong summer, especially with a young baby who was too young to wear sunscreen and sensitive to sun and heat.  
Since we stayed home a lot this year, we watched a ton of baseball.  So, it goes without saying that we were thrilled about the Texas Rangers' second consecutive appearance at the World Series.  Rick and I snuck away for one of the winning home games during the series.
Rick continues to enjoy work as a corporate attorney at Gardere Wynne Sewell.  His days got a little longer with Palmer's daycare drop off, but he tries hard to get home for bath time.  Rick's week typically culminates with a father and son "man breakfast" on Saturday mornings.  I think he's taken Palmer to just about every dingy cafe in Dallas...

I returned from maternity leave to my political advertising firm at the end of the summer.  Recently, I moved to part-time with the company so that I can have more flexibility and be able to produce freelance.  I've been doing some work for NBC again and some of the other news networks.  It's been nice to get a taste for the work I love without traveling non-stop like I used to in years past.

We still have Boston, our maltipoo, and Palmer loves him dearly.  Rick and I sometimes joke that Palmer likes Boston more than us.  Boston is a great sport and endures the constant chasing, tugging and ear-pulling in exchange for the chance scraps that fall under Palmer's high chair during meal time.
2011 has been a year of new beginnings and we look forward to all that 2012 will bring.
-Bethany, Rick and Palmer Jordan

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