Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All. Boy.

We get told often that Palmer is "All Boy".

What does that mean?

Well, for starters everything that moves makes a car sound.  You know,  rrrrrrrrrr.  When Palmer pushes big trucks, he makes a rrrrrrr sound.  When he moves a book across the floor, the book also gets a rrrrrr sound.


Palmer has also learned how to throw a ball.  In fact, he's quite good and probably has a better arm than either of his parents.  The problem: Palmer also throws remotes, iphones, books, toy airplanes, etc.  I'm struggling with how to teach him to only throw balls when I am praising him one minute for his nice ball throw and then scolding him the next for his nice airplane throw.  

I think there is mischief in these eyes:
Lastly, the boy is already wrestling.  His buddy William may be a bit smaller, but William is scrappy and got Palmer down for the count the other day.
 "Let me out!  I surrender!"
Merry Christmas Week, everyone.

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