Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daylight Saving Time

What a difference one little hour can make.  The evenings this week have been so fun with that one extra hour of daylight.  The weather has been delicious for weeks and we're now able to enjoy the outdoors after dinner.

Playing with an early birthday present, Palmer loves his new water table from Gram and PawPaw.
The next day, I wised up and avoided a completely soaked outfit by putting an apron on Palmer first.  I apologize to my son for the very girly look, but that's the best apron I had from the kitchen! :)
Sippy cup happy hour with Charlie:
And an outing to see trains with Grampi:
Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, Palmer wanted nothing to do with his normal 8pm bedtime on Sunday night.  Does this boy look tired at 8:45pm?
Thankfully, Palmer adjusted pretty quickly.  Here's 8:05pm on Monday night:
Good night, sweet Palmer.

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