Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the Road

I received a lot of concerned emails after posting yesterday's Wordless Wednesday photo.

Here's the skinny: I went to Austin for a friend's wedding over the weekend.  Rick held down the fort and took Palmer to the lake house for the day.  Mid-afternoon, Rick texted me the head injury photos and no explanation.
My response via text: "Holy crap. That looks really bad.  Is he okay?"
Rick: no response
Me: "I would definitely ice that."
Rick: "Palmer doesn't like ice."
Me:  "Frozen peas?"
Rick: "Palmer doesn't like peas."
Me:  "Please make sure to keep a good eye on him when he takes his upcoming nap."

This is where mama bear lets go and trusts her very capable husband.

The short of the story, Palmer is just fine.  He falls a lot these days and hit his head on a table.  The swelling went down by the next morning.

And how did that nap go?  Well, apparently Palmer and Rick fell asleep together.  Palmer woke up before Rick and quietly disassembled a potted plant.  Rick said Palmer scattered flower petals all over the room.

Who?  This sweet boy?  Not possible.
Palmer and Rick's solo adventures continued because when I returned from the wedding, I got a call from ABC News to do some storm chasing for World News Tonight and Good Morning America.  I quickly drove up to Oklahoma only to spend the next three days making our way south of San Antonio and covering 1270 miles along the way.

We were paired with some professional storm chasers (you may have seen their Discovery Channel show.)  Loaded with all of their incoming weather data from the crazy Dominator vehicle, we were on top of where to find the right place.
Unfortunately, we never saw an actual twister because we made a decision to break away once the sun went down (it's, obviously, more dangerous at dark).  A twister was spotted at nightfall and the guys from the Dominator took this picture from their cameras:
We drove thru the night to check out the damage and filed for Good Morning America just in time.
A good adventure, but I'm glad to be back with the boys.  We've got a first birthday party to finish planning!

Special thanks to Nana for helping out at home while I was away!


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