Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Night Lights

 Rick and I thought it would be fun to introduce Palmer to good ole Texas high school football.  Both of us have fond memories of Friday night football games from our childhood.

As adults, we haven't attended much high school football, so we decided to round up some friends for a Highland Park HS game.
The weather couldn't have been better (80 degrees in November!) and Palmer loved to see the football players, the marching band, and all of the commotion.
And when he wasn't yelling out instructions to the coach...

He liked to climb up and down the bleachers.  And upanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownandupanddownand.

All that climbing is enough to wear out even the most active of boys...
Blowout Final Score:
Highland Park HS: 56
Terrell HS: 7


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