Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mr. Personality

Palmer continues to fine tune his personality each day.  Over the last year, we've seen a few consistent traits: Palmer is active, adventurous, and funny.

Here are a few highlights from Palmer's November:

1.  BIKE!!  If an object has wheels, it has Palmer's name all over it.  Palmer LOVES his new outside "bike".  He often tells me on the way home from school, "I want bike outside."
Our tough boy is sometimes referred to as "a tank".  Here you can see why:
What happened next, you ask?  Nothing.  Palmer got back on and kept riding.  :)

2. COUNTING: Palmer is learning to count.  He likes to say, "One...car/bird/tree/etc!, Two...car/bird/tree/etc!, Three...car/bird/tree/etc!" while riding in the car.  He also is interested in a new counting app on the iphone.

3. MY HEART IS WARM: There's nothing better than a sweet note from a teacher that makes you proud:

4.  SILLY FACE:  Palmer has a "silly face".  This is it:

Palmer, you are a fun kid.


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