Monday, December 31, 2012

Well Done, Dallas!

I am bursting with pride for my city.

First, the amazing Klyde Warren Park opened.
This urban park is topnotch with around-the-clock activities like free yoga in the park...
 ...and a lending library for books and board games.

The kids area is super fun with a tree house.
And watch out for that scary spider up in Charlotte's web...
Even the big kids couldn't resist having a ball on the artificial turf hills:
My brother and sister came to town for Christmas!
We were so glad Holly could come join our family for a few days before Christmas.
Add an Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and an Apple Store on the perimeter and I swear the city feels like Chicago.

We especially loved the proximity to the McKinney Avenue trolley.  Palmer LOVED his "choo choo ride".
On the heels of the Klyde Warren Park opening, the eagerly-awaited Perot Museum of Nature and Science opened its doors.
I was planning to wait on buying a membership until I previewed the exhibits first.  I wasn't in the lobby for two minutes before I decided that we just had to have a family annual membership.  I want to bring everyone back to show this place off!
Palmer and his sweet friend Scarlett loved exploring the children's museum.
The two kiddos were quite busy with all of the climbing, water-playing, phone calls they had to make, grocery shopping, etc...
 Us mommas know how to get our hard hats on and get to work!
 Palmer kept saying, "Hi bear! Hi bear!"
 By the end, Scarlett and Palmer decided that pushing each other in the stroller was massive fun.  I think that was our cue to leave!
Thank you, Dallas.  What great additions to the city.


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