Friday, January 11, 2013

Beavers Bend

At the spur of the moment, Rick and I decided to drive over to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma last weekend.  Rick has worked some long months recently and when a break in his schedule opened, we decided a quick weekend in a rustic cabin would serve our family well.
Beavers Bend is just a mere three hours from Dallas, but the variance from Dallas' topography makes it seem further.  Imagine tall trees, thick woods, rolling hills, streams, rivers, and a gorgeous lake.
(We tried to take a family picture, but the deer weren't interested in snapping our shot.)

We stayed in a little one bedroom log cabin with a fireplace and had such a nice evening of s'mores and reading by the fire.

Palmer is an active boy, so the city kid had a ball tromping around and running in the woods.
Palmer kept telling us he wanted to "go on a walk!"  During those hikes, he tripped over many sticks and would get right back up and keep running.

Eventually Rick picked Palmer up to keep us moving...
Beavers Bend was such a fun getaway and we definitely plan to visit in the summer when boating and fishing and horseback riding activities are more of an option.


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