Monday, July 8, 2013

Perini Ranch

I love to read food blogs and had read in the past about a food and wine festival that happens annually at the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in the sleepy west Texas town of Buffalo Gap.  The likes of chefs Tim Love and Stephan Pyles are regular attendees.

When planning our summer, I aimed for a bunch of weekend trips because it's hard for Rick to get away much during the week.  I wanted Rick to feel like he was having a special summer even if he wasn't taking many weekdays off.

When we are cooped up in the city, there's sometimes nothing better than getting out in the open air.
I thought a quick overnight trip to Perini Ranch might be a fun event, even though we didn't visit during the food festival.
Perini Ranch has a couple of guest houses for overnight visitors.

The guest house was adorably furnished with great antique furniture (which I love!!) and a wrap-around porch perfect for sitting and enjoying the great outdoors.

We also enjoyed lounging on the hammock.
Dinner at the steakhouse was delicious.
However, our highlight might have been after the steak dinner when we saw several deer and wild turkeys walking around outside our ranch house.
 What a scenic and restorative overnight adventure!

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