Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Scooters

Palmer and I visited my cousin Kalee and her kiddos in San Antonio a few weeks ago.
While visiting, Palmer decided he wanted to be just like the big kids and ride their scooters.

Even if the scooters were way too big.
Nevertheless, he gave it the old college try over and over again.
Back at home, I decided it was time to get Palmer a scooter better suited for his height.  I had read great reviews about the mini kick Scooter and set out to the toy store.

(I was shocked when Palmer picked out the yellow one.  He always picks blue.  I must've asked him 5 times, "are you SURE you want the yellow one??" I didn't want buyers remorse when we got a block away from the store.)

Take a look at this video and you decide if the new scooter has been a success.
A few spills later, we've instituted a mandatory helmet dress code when riding the scooter.

Rick and I can't believe how fast Palmer is and (as always) cringe at his fearlessness.
Thanks, Hailey and Carter, for hosting Palmer and teaching him your scooter street skills.


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