Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Parties

Around here, we get our bang for the buck on costumes.  Between all of the parties and festivals leading up to the holiday, Palmer put on his costume about 5 times BEFORE Halloween Day.

Our neighborhood has a wonderful Halloween festival every year.  
We were disappointed to have to leave (for another party!) right before the costume contest.  We like to think Palmer might've been a ringer for the winner this year.

Palmer's favorite part of the festival?  The drums, of course.
We hosted the playgroup Halloween party in our backyard.  Palmer was convinced the party was his "birthday party" and kept asking for his cake.
 The motley crew:
I was so impressed that after the party Palmer could recall just about all of his friend's costumes.  He was especially starstruck with Matthew the fighter pilot.
For his school party, Palmer and I were tasked with the snack.  Palmer found great ownership in making his "monster cups" (vanilla yogurt died green with crushed oreos) and couldn't wait to share them with his school friends.
We also had fun making orange and white striped Jell-O Jigglers.
As usual, during the party craft time, Palmer continually asked when we could eat the snack.

Finally, snack time!
 Cutie school friends:
And FINALLY Halloween Night...

We started the evening in our front yard with a frito pie and hot dog block party.
And then we were off to Trick or Treating!
Palmer had been practicing for a few days and was ready to "go ask that lady for some candy".

We teamed up with the Evans' and the Harmelings for the evening.
 Wolverine and Robin.
Precious Minnie Mouse:
Palmer and Finn lucked out on this house.  There was a whole bucket of candy with nobody guarding it.
 Angela is always a fun neighbor to visit.
Whew.  Are you tired yet?  What a fun Halloween year.


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