Saturday, November 2, 2013

Come and Get Your Ice Cream!

We started talking about Halloween back in August (I'm a planner, people).  From the start, Palmer came up with the idea of dressing as an ice cream truck driver.  When I showed him a picture on the internet, he was completely sold on the idea.

Rick and I thought it would be cute to do a Curious George/Man in the Yellow Hat family theme, but Palmer wanted nothing to do with it.

Back in August:
Our ice cream man:
Palmer couldn't believe his luck when Grampi and Grammi showed up one morning with a real ice cream truck.
My dad is very good at constructing things and even outfitted the vehicle with speakers and a music player.
Then a friend of Palmer's dropped off some Blue Bell cartons to complete the truck.  The friend has family who works at Blue Bell.  As my sister said, "this costume just keeps getting more and more ridiculous!"
All I know is that Palmer was extremely proud of his costume.  He came up with the idea and was thrilled to be an "ice cream truck driver".

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