Thursday, December 12, 2013

NYSE Opening Bell

Late last week, Rick was invited by a client to join their executive team in ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange.  When Rick shared the news of his trip, I quickly updated him with my plans to join him for a nice holiday weekend in the city. :)

Well, nature prevailed and our plans were cut short by quite the ice storm down here in Texas.
Our flight was delayed a day and our NYC trip was cut to a mere 24 hours.

Nevertheless, we fit a lot into our short time and enjoyed a progressive dinner, of sorts, where we hit up favorite spots for pre-dinner drinks, dinner, dessert, and ended with a comedy club.
The opening bell ceremony was a nice event starting with a breakfast in one of the NYSE historical boardrooms where a representative explained the significance of the room, building, and the exchange.
On the exchange floor and the opening bell...
 I also got to see a good friend from my NBC days who now anchors for CNBC on the NYSE floor.
Congratulations, Rick, on your daily hard work that puts you in positions like these.


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