Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Dog Party!

Palmer has been a big fan of the book, Go Dog Go, for a long time.  When my mom got wind that the stage version was coming to the Dallas Children's Theater, she bought tickets for Christmas.

In the book, the dogs go to a "dog party" up in a tree.  Palmer has been so excited to go to the "dog party" for two months and couldn't believe it was finally here.

Donned with party hats, Palmer dressed all of his dogs in anticipation of the show.
At the theater, Gram and Paw Paw were ready for the occasion.
Rick and I got the full report from Palmer after the show: 

"There weren't real dogs in the show."
"The party wasn't really up in a tree- it was on a stage."
"It was so much fun!"

Thanks, Gram and Paw Paw for building memories.


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  1. I'm fairly certain that Palmer is the cutest little boy I know. Love reading about his adventures ;)