Thursday, February 27, 2014

Backseat Driver

I am currently living with a literal backseat driver.

My little man of the law is quick to tell me all sorts of traffic rules these days:

-"Mommy, you aren't supposed to go.  The light is red."  
-"Palmer, I am allowed to turn right on red."
-"No, mommy.  You need to stop until it's green."

"Mommy, you didn't stop all the way at that stop sign." (In my defense, there is a new stop sign in the neighborhood that I'm not quite used to yet.)

"Mommy, you are going too fast."

"Mommy, you are going too slow."

"Mommy, don't crash into that car.  We don't want to get close and get into an accident and then need a tow truck."

Today I even caught myself saying back, "Palmer, I don't want to talk about cars and driving anymore."

His response, "Why can't we talk about cars?  I like them."



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  1. I remember those days! Ben had many panic attacks about "10 and 2! Two hands, Mama!" It can drive you a little crazy. :). Palmer is so cute and I love checking in with your blog. You are a great mama!