Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grace's Playgroup Sip N See

I've mentioned before how wonderful my playgroup is.  My church organizes playgroups every 3 months for first-time moms.  That means that all of our first-borns are within three months of each other.

(Throwback to the summer of 2011:)
It also means that most of us have had/are having our second child within a year or so from each other.

Each month we do a Mom's Night Out, but if there is a new baby to celebrate, we devote the night to the new mommy and baby and shower them with diapers, wipes, and other goodies.
Miss Grace was the June honoree and so happy to hang out with the big girls for the night.  She put on some of her finest clothing and was the sweetest thing: wide-eyed and alert for all of her new friend's moms to see.
Thanks ladies, for taking the time to celebrate my gal.


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