Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two Months with Grace

Our sweet little Grace is an absolute doll.  She's taken her seat on our wild journey of life and has handled it so well.  Grace is an excellent eater and sleeper (considering she is two months old, that is) and goes along with our hectic daily schedule.
I'm currently working on trying to slow down our life.  I'm guilty of keeping things way too busy and packing our days way too full.  I'm trying to move at a slower pace so that we can protect Grace's newly forming naps and try to do what's best for her in addition to her brother.

It's a daily balance, but we are learning how to handle the ropes better all the time.

Right, Grace?
New skills:  
*cooing and smiling
*rolling from front to back
*batting at toys on her play mat or bouncy chair
*sitting in a Bumbo

We are trying to get a handle on a case of cradle cap (flaky scalp skin) and acid reflux.

*Anyone who will smile and talk to her (poor second child!)
*Watching her brother act crazy

Two month stats:
Length: 23 inches (50-75%)
Weight: 11 lb, 3 oz (50%)
Head: 38.5 cm (25-50%)

6 weeks:
 8 weeks:
 Two Months:
We love you, sweet Gracie Grace.


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