Thursday, November 27, 2014

Six Months With Grace

Six months with our sweet, sweet gal.  It's hard to believe.  Miss Grace continues to be incredibly laid back and happy every single day.  As her Nana likes to say, "Make it a good day.  Grace always does."

As seems to be a trend, I got her monthly Miss Kitty photos in the first snaps.  Grace is quick to flash a smile:
Six-month stats:
Length: 26 inches (50-75%)
Weight: 16 lb, 3 oz (50%)
Head: 41.5 cm (25%)

New Skills:
*Sitting Up: Grace is a lot more sturdy with her unassisted sitting.
 *Sitting in the bath tub like a big girl.  Palmer is delighted to have a bath companion.
*First word: "Dada".  (I'm fine with that.  Everyone knows the letter D is easier to say than the letter M and I am really her favorite parent.)

*Eating solids.  Grace is experimenting with basic fruits and vegetables and grains.  She also enjoys handling a cracker or tortilla while the rest of us eat with her at the dinner table.  
Everyone in this family is completely smitten with our baby girl.  She is a happy, easy baby and brings joy to each and every day.
Happy half year, Grace.  (Palmer was really upset you didn't get half a cake for this milestone.  See you in 6 months for the sweets...)


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