Saturday, November 1, 2014


My days of picking a costume for the older child are over.  Well, actually they were over last year, but I had a really brilliant idea for this year's costume on Palmer. So, did Palmer.  Unfortunately, he won.

(I'm not going to share my idea because I might use it on Grace before she gets her own opinions, too.)

Palmer wanted to be an astronaut.
Palmer also helped me come up with the idea behind Grace's costume of "outer space sister".
Grampi once again came to the rescue with a proper astronaut helmet and space backpack to complete the costume.
Decorating pumpkins "Bethany-style", aka with stickers.  I would like to avoid the mess that is known as carving a pumpkin for as long as possible.  :)
Annual playgroup Halloween party:
The second generation of playgroup (some of G2 were too big to stay still and participate in the photo!):
Palmer was pretty impressed there were two astronauts at the party:
On Halloween night, we had a block party with chili and hot dogs.  I remember last year, I was pregnant with Grace and the thought of chili made me want to throw up...Luckily, I was back in the game this year.
 Our space family:
 Grace and her buddy Sawyer.  (Gram, do you recognize the bunting Grace is in??)
 Trick or treating with Minnie:
I couldn't believe it with my own ears when I heard Palmer tell the owners at each house, "My mom said it's okay for me to have two pieces." (NOOO, I DIDN'T!?)

Then, I heard Palmer say to another owner, "One for me and one for my dad, please."  

This sweet angel??  Never...
Happy Halloween, friends.


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