Monday, February 23, 2015

Nine Months with Grace

Three months til this little gal is ONE?!?  Say, what?
Nine-month stats:
Length: 27 inches
Weight: 18 lb
Teeth: 2
Grace had a big month in terms of milestones.  She took her time to get the hang of crawling, but Grace has quickly moved to standing up and cruising around furniture or with walkers.



*Pulling Up and Standing: Grace has no interest in playing with toys or doing much except pulling up on something and standing.



*Eating: We are letting Grace eat solids at a faster pace than Palmer thanks to the methods behind baby-led weaning.  I am a huge fan of the philosophy, which allows babies to hand-feed their own food on their own terms.  Grace revolted against spoon-feeding and has been much happier on her own pace.  A typical meal for Grace? Grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, green peppers, or carrots cut into spears, and steamed apple slices.

*Getting Into Everything: I know, I know.  It comes with the territory.  But whew, we gotta watch this girl.  She is helping herself to anything these days.

*Her Mama:  I would say Palmer is a daddy's boy, but Grace has been pretty clingy to me lately.  Her cuddling may have something to do with all of the fluid in her ears (she is on her 5th consecutive infection and gets tubes in her ears tomorrow), but I would like to think she just loves her mama a lot.
However, if you ask Grace, she might tell you otherwise:
Happy Nine Months, Grace.  You make everyone smile each day.

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  1. Carter and Grace are twins. Carter loves food, loves her momma, and loves to say dada! She also is about to get tubes! And they are both cute as pie :)