Monday, February 16, 2015

Peas and Shadows

Kids do the darndest things and my kids are no different.  I have two funny stories I want to make sure and remember.

The other night, we were all sitting at dinner and Rick made an off-hand (and random) joke that he had already eaten all of his peas thru his nose.

Little ears hear and interpret EVERYTHING.

A few minutes pass and Palmer mentions, "I can't get that pea out of my nose!"

Wait??!!!??  What??!!??  Sure enough, Mr. Palmer had stuck a pea up his nose and couldn't get it out.  He kept trying to sniff it up to get it out.  Rick and I quickly stopped him from sniffing and were able to convince Palmer to blow the pea out into a tissue.

Wow.  Rick, please consider each and every word that comes out of your mouth.  Lesson learned.

Another Palmer story from the same night: Palmer was quietly crying up in his room at bedtime.

This is quite unusual for Palmer.  Palmer said he was scared of shadows made from his night light.

Rick and I kept explaining that the night light allows Palmer to see everything in his room so he shouldn't be scared.  The shadows are just from the night light, which makes his room not scary.

Finally after going back and forth, I said, "Palmer, do you want to see what the room is like without shadows?" I figured turning his night light OFF would convince him that he does indeed want the shadows created from the night light as opposed to darkness.

Nope.  I turned the night light off and Palmer immediately perked up in the dark.  "Yes!! Now there aren't any shadows and it's not scary.  Good night!"

Hmm.  So, our kid is scared with his night light ON.  Gotcha.


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