Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Palmer's World

Palmer received a camera almost a year and a half ago for his third birthday.  He gets it out from time to time, but I hadn't sat down and gone over his pictures until recently...
What I found was a fascinating chronology of a year and a half thru Palmer's eyes.  I saw what matters most to our little boy and what it's like to be 42 inches tall.

Welcome to Palmer's world over the last year and a half:

Here are my parents:
My dad is silly:
This is my dog:
Here is a better shot of him:
I actually take a lot of photos of my dog:
I also like to take a lot of photos of sidewalks outside.  Like lots.
Here's my mommy's pregnant belly:
Oh look, now we have a baby!
My parents don't always pay attention to me:
And I like to take photos of my bunny clock.  (Even when the bunny is asleep and I should be doing the same...)
Trying out the self-timer:
Here are some of my friends:
The view out my bedroom window...
And these are a few of my favorite things:
Once, my parents went all the way to Africa and sent me a photo.  So, I took a picture of the photo:
I am working on mastering a "selfie"...
You may remember this photo from my mom:
Here was my angle:
My sister grew:

Love, Palmer Jordan, age 4

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