Sunday, August 9, 2015

Camp Luke

My family invaded the hill country (Luke's turf) and we had a good weekend of summer fun along with my sister-in-law's parents (who ended up hosting us most of the weekend!).  
Our (immediate) family is in Horseshoe Bay for most of the month, so between our "home" base and Holly's family lake house nearby, we stuck to the water for the duration of the weekend.
Lake Buchanan has felt the effect of the drought over the past year, but thanks to a ton of rain last spring, the Cardiffs were able to get their boat in the water for the first time in 5 years! 
Captain Dave had a big smile on his face all weekend.  And so did Palmer.
Palmer and Rick had a blast tubing and even had "tricks" at one point including dancing on the tube.
Grace was not impressed with their performance and slept thru the entire stunt...
Sisteritas and a baby. (PS The grandmas are getting very testy about not being included in this annual photo.  Ladies, all you gotta do is bring your mumu next year and we'll make a consideration regarding your inclusion. ha!)
This is what happens when I leave Grace overnight without enough diapers or any pajamas.  Palmer's space jammies and a homemade diaper for the win until I got back!  Oops.
Gram time:
And the family fun continued past the weekend...When everyone returned to their perches following the weekend, my cousin Kalee and her kiddos (my flower girl!) came to visit for a day at Horseshoe Bay.

Palmer was thrilled to play with the older kids on the water trampoline.  And I enjoyed the free babysitters!
Such a fun weekend and a great tradition! 


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