Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Living in the Construction

Well, we made it.  We moved in just over a week ago and our move one mile away looked something like this:
Someone (Samantha) is dying for some new pictures, but it's just taking a little time.  We are getting settled, unpacked, and projects for the first push of remodeling are wrapping up.  I should have some befores/afters of our latest projects soon. 

But for now, enjoy the construction site.  Rick couldn't believe we were about to move in when just two days before, our house looked like this...
We repainted the entire house with a fresh coat of white paint.  See the contrast of that yellowish cream coming down.  Our dear painters also had the lovely task of scraping popcorn off of nearly every ceiling.  It was a huge amount of work for them and they couldn't have worked harder nor been more pleasant while doing so.
See this cabinet in the master bedroom?
It's gone (and some closet doors got painted).
 Did you notice that trashed out carpet? It's been replaced.
Speaking of carpet, we purged more of it.  New (unfinished) wood floors in the sunken den.
New wood floors in the guest room, too.  Good bye, carpet.
Between a professional post-construction cleaning crew and a lot of helpful parents, we got into the house the same week as these previous photos.

I want to do a little more work before I post some newer photos (ahem, Samantha), but here is a sneak preview for now:
 Grace's new hangout, Home Depot:
The guys left us for the weekend and went skiing.  I opted to stay back and keep making progress on the house without a house full of people.  Win for all.
 This little guy skied up on the mountain with Rick this year and even tackled a blue.  Incredibly proud.
And our neighbors must be so happy tonight.  I made best friends with Dallas' finest in sanitation and the bulk trash crew picked up our entire heaping (and sometimes smoldering) trash pile.  Whew.
Is anyone in the market for some vintage thermostats or an intercom system of a 7-gallon toilet? Just holler.
Whew.  We are all pooped.

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