Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sibling Talk

Palmer and Grace were apart for nearly two weeks recently.  Due to Palmer's back to back trips of New Mexico to go skiing and DC, the two sorely missed each other.  Grace walked around most days saying, "Where's Bubba?" or "Bubba Ski" or "Bubba DC".

Thanks to FaceTime, the duo chatted nearly every day and their conversations went something like this almost ever single time:

Palmer: Hiiii Gracie!
Grace: Agua? (Proceeds to try to give Palmer her cup thru the phone)
Palmer: Hiiiiii girleeeeeee.
Grace: Knock knock.
Palmer: Who's there?
Grace: Cow.
Palmer: Cow who?
Grace: Knock knock.  (She hasn't quite got the hang of joke telling yet.)
Palmer: I love you girleeeeee.
Grace: Love you.  Knock knock. Agua?

It's primitive, but their relationship works for them and is filled with love.  When they finally reunited, they both knocked each other over with hugs and then giggled in the backseat of the car the entire way home.  I'll take it.


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