Thursday, June 2, 2016

End Of School

We've had such a special year at school.  Palmer made the switch from the preschool he attended for his first four years to this new preschool and we couldn't be happier.  It was a place that prepared him for next year's kindergarten both educationally and socially with more than half of the kids in the class joining him at the same elementary school in the fall.

It also had more of a "neighborhood feel" meaning that we had more spontaneous play dates after school since kids mostly live within a mile radius of each other.

Last day of preschool:
Ms Ellen and Ms Carol:
First day and last day of Pre-K 4s:
And so an era ends.  First day and last day of preschool.  Hello, Kindergarten!
Grace also adored her year at school and LOVED her teachers.  She often talks about the wonderful women and says things like, "Ms Mary Beth cuuuute.  Ms Rosa cuuuute.  Ms Collette cute, too!"
Grace's first and last day of the toddler class:
And on to summer, we go!  So far, our first week has been filled with a lot of rain and some sick days.  But, we did already squeeze in two trips to see little cousin Charlie in Austin! One because his daddy graduated in the top of his class at UT Law (proud big sister over here!)
And a return trip back to Austin because we just can't get enough of this little munchkin (and Aunt Samantha was in Austin for the weekend).
 Could my nephew be any cuter??
 Grace trying to pat the heads of both of her boys...
Rain, rain, go away.  We're ready for more summer play!


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