Friday, June 17, 2016

Shell Island and Crab Hunting

After boring you with all of the last post of vacation photos, I'm going to warn you and throw a few more trip pictures your way.
While in Florida, we got the recommendation to drive about 30 minutes away to Shell Island, an undeveloped barrier island filled with gorgeous scenery and sand dunes.  We rented a pontoon boat and learned of the wild dolphins and impressive marine life in the area.
Palmer was so excited to collect shells in his bucket.  His caliber for selecting a shell was pretty low and he was easily impressed.  Quickly, he filled his bucket with shell shards and couldn't have been more proud.
At night, the boys had big plans of crab hunting.  I think both guys would've been willing to hunt in the dark ocean every single night.
After going out on the first try and learning from some 15-yr-old boys how it was done, Palmer and Rick were at the grocery store the next day arming themselves with proper flashlights and nets.
Let's just say that between late night crab hunting and the sun coming up bright and early at 6am, this boy had some good naps each afternoon!


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