Thursday, July 21, 2016


All of the recent worldwide violence hit a little too close to home when the Dallas Police Department officers were shot downtown.  Dallas is a wonderful city in which to live and although southern, isn't usually subject to some of the deep racism that does occur in other parts of the country.

I got back in the saddle for NBC and freelance-produced the breaking news for nearly a week. MSNBC and NBC Nightly News were anchored downtown near the crime scene. It's rarely ideal when the network anchors come visit your town.
However, it was nice to reconnect with so many of my former daily colleagues.  NBC has a very family vibe and thru the travels, everyone works and gets to know each other pretty closely.

The New Yorkers (and admittedly, this Texan) got hot.  We brought the AC to the great outdoors.
Back home, Palmer competed in his first official swim meet.  Although I missed it, I got plenty of videos and photos.  I am so proud of how well Palmer improved his swimming technique and loved seeing him enjoy the competition.
Although we've got a long way to go (he got 27th out of 27 kids!), I think this might be something we'll work on again next summer season.
After things at work died down, we were able to go to a "card-making party" at a local park where kids were making cards to thank the police officers.

"I'm sorry that you lost some of your police officers.  Love, Palmer"

I'm so proud of the city of Dallas for rising up and enveloping our officers in love.  I'm happy to teach the kids how grateful we are for the police who protect us every day.



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