Friday, July 22, 2016

4th of July

Sorry for the delay.  I'm playing catch up.
As always, the 4th of July is a favorite holiday around here.  This year, we were thrilled to now live a few blocks from the parade that we always like to attend.  We started the morning with a pre-parade breakfast down the street with neighbors and then headed out to our usual spot for watching.
Our sweet friends joined us for the parade.  I adore seeing Grace and Lila's friendship blossom like Palmer and William's.
Rick and Palmer made their annual appearance on the go-cart.  Rick remarked after the route how Palmer knew just about everyone along the way.  He said everyone would yell, "Hey, Palmer!" and wondered, "How does this 5 yr old know so many people?!"
After the parade, we enjoyed riding our bikes and the go-cart to a few neighborhood parties.

Grace going for the gold this year...
 The kiddos showing off the go-cart to neighborhood friends...

In usual fashion, we spent the evening at the club swimming, filling our bellies, and watching fireworks.

Firework time!
 The Evans family joined us for the evening.  Sweet little Liam is so fun.
 Fireworks=snuggles=rare selfie
Grace is getting to the age where the late-night fireworks weren't such a stretch despite being past bedtime.  She watched the entire show...and sang all the way home.  Nothing like an 11:00 bedtime on a summer night!

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