Tuesday, August 16, 2016

House Update

We are making progress on plans for remodeling the master bathroom.  I am hoping to demo within the next month after I make a final selection on floor and wall tile (this bathroom is a tad trickier than the last one).

But, I did want to show two simple updates.

First, we are slowly going thru the house piece by piece and making decisions on which brick stays/goes and which wood trim stays/goes.  Once we've eliminated all of the desired brick and trim, we will then decide if the brick gets painted and if the trim gets re-stained.

In the area below, I decided there were too many textures going on between the awesome bathroom wallpaper, the bathroom tile and the brick wall.  So, a nice new layer of drywall went over the brick wall.  (The brick floors will become hardwood floors in a later project.)
Also, we got official architect/construction drawings for the kids bedrooms.  Their current closet nooks were supposed to be transformed into bedrooms earlier this summer.  We hit a contractor snafu and pushed that project back.  However, look at these drawings!  We will have such a nice dormer over the long roofline on top of the garage.
I hope to update with master bathroom progress soon!


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  1. Good decision on the brick. I like how clean that looks.