Tuesday, August 30, 2016

They're Back To School(!)

In all seriousness, I do enjoy having the kids around for our fun summer shenanigans.  But, everyone around here also loves school, momma was managing a part-time job and a house remodel with kids home all the time, and I think we are all glad to be back in a good routine.

Palmer started Kindergarten last week and absolutely adores it.  He was incredibly ready and excited to get to the big school and meet his teacher and friends.

We are loving the commute around the corner- within walking, biking, or scootering distance.  (And yes, the requested yellow shirt for kindergartners killed my heart for our beloved first day photos.  Priorities, people.)
We got lucky that two other boys from Palmer's preschool class are in his new class along with a soccer buddy.  We felt pretty prepared with a lot of familiar faces at all of the kinder events leading up to the first day.
Thumbs up all around...
Meanwhile, Grace was miserable during the one week between Palmer starting and her school starting the following week.  At Grace's "Meet The Teacher" event, she insisted that she needed to stay.  "I go school NOW, mommy!"
Finally, Grace got her turn.
Front yard pictures:

Um, did Palmer teach her how to smile like this??
Palmer had a few specific shot requests at his old preschool.  He was sad he couldn't take her to school (she starts later in the morning) and carefully instructed me on where I should take pictures of Grace...
Grace walked right on in as if she owned the place...

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