Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stereotypical Fall Post

It's that time of year again...pumpkin pictures and such.
Palmer and Grace patiently cooperated with all of my photo-taking antics at the Arboretum, even though all they really wanted to do is go run around and jump on the pumpkin piles.  
(Don't worry, they got to run around and explore, too!)
Aunt Samantha and Gram were in town to join us in the pumpkin fun...
Wild West Day at Grace's school.  Oops, didn't mean to make that shirt so hoochy when I tied it...

Have you seen those cute little Halloween houses at Trader Joes?  Palmer used his own money to buy one and we thought it would be a fun project at home.  Well, those little suckers are nearly impossible to assemble.  We tried and tried and tried to keep the house together and upright.  At first, we had luck...

But alas, the dang house wouldn't stay upright and we scrapped that plan for "decorating Halloween cookies shaped like a house!"

Happy nearly-Halloween.  C'mon cooler temps. We are tired of 93 degrees.


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  1. Central Market sells already assembled houses at Christmas-I bet they sell them at Halloween too.